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Ezugi 360 Roulette

With the trend towards live casinos and their live broadcasts, the game publisher Ezugi has also concocted its own program. Roulette 360 is its live roulette, broadcast from the Oracle Casino, a land-based casino in Malta. This is no small feat, as live games are much more appreciated for their immersive nature and authentic atmosphere.

The technical and technological means used by the publishers raise the quality of the experience of these live casinos. Ezugi is no exception to the rule. If the concept is nothing new, Roulette 360 is still a new experience. Here’s why.

Like in a real casino

As we know, live casinos are no longer a novelty. It has become a matter of course for players to enjoy a land-based casino without having to leave their couch. Many solutions are available on the market, such as Roulette Hippodrome Casino or Dragonara Roulette, all from Evolution Gaming. Ezugi offers Roulette 360, which opens the door to the Oracle Casino with all the benefits that come with it. Located in Saint Paul’s Bay, this Maltese establishment is a friendly and welcoming place that easily attracts players. They participate in the game in progress in the same way and at the same time as the players present in Malta.

The advantages of Roulette 360

Roulette 360’s strengths can be summed up in two points: its original shots and its impeccable transmission.

Indeed, the shots orchestrated by Ezugi allow for the most immersive of experiences. The “360” in its name refers to this particularity. This all-encompassing view promises multiple angles on the game table and the surrounding room. A bird’s-eye view allows you to scan the table with a single glance, for example. The player can also see the other players. This is of course in addition to the classic cylinder and dealer views. The microphones placed around the room enhance the experience by transmitting the real atmosphere around the table.

In addition to the original shots, Roulette 360 has excellent video quality during the broadcast. The player enjoys HD video. Provided you have a good internet connection, the replay of the game in progress has no gaps and runs smoothly.

With Roulette 360, everything is done to provide the best experience possible.

Interface and game rules

As a good interface, Roulette 360’s interface allows the player easy access to the game’s controls and features, without detours or complications. Despite this, the interface should not be a hindrance. The Roulette 360 interface blends in perfectly with the background and allows you to play at your ease. In other words, it’s easy to get started.

As for the rules of the game, they are based on those of European roulette. Roulette 360 will particularly appeal to cautious players who will appreciate the minimum bet of €0.25, but with a ceiling of €1,000.

Where to find the Ezugi 360 Roulette?

Roulette 360 is available on online casino platforms offering Ezugi games and services. As for availability, the tables are open most of the day. To play, everything is done online and it is not necessary to download a copy of the program.

Roulette 360 is compatible on PC as well as on mobile and tablet.

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