Andar Bahar Live

Review of the game Andar Bahar from BetGames

BetGames continues to expand its collection of live games in an effort to satisfy the world’s bettors. Some time ago, the developer decided to launch a live version of the famous Indian card game Andar Bahar.

It is a game with very easy to understand rules. Anyone can play it as Andar Bahar is available on mobile as well as on computer. BetGames has gone above and beyond to make the game accessible to players from all over the world. Bettors have 24/7 access and the tables are unlimited.

Andar Bahar is a game that is filmed live from a BetGames studio. Fans of games launched by BetGames know very well that this provider places a lot of importance on the presentation of the gaming environment, namely a modern decor and very professional dealers.

With a minimum bet of $1 and a maximum bet of $10,000, the game is suitable for both high rollers and occasional players. Andar Bahar has been attracting more and more players since its release, which is quite understandable with an RTP of 94.85%.

Andar Bahar, a clear and easy to understand game

BetGames always tries to stand out by focusing on the design of the games. The decoration of the studio, the layout of the menus on the screen and the quality of the images of Live Andar Bahar will surely leave you speechless. Attractive colors were chosen this time.

The idea of designing a game that was easy to understand was a challenge for BetGames. Indeed, the launch of this version of Andar Bahar is a success. In addition to the clear on-screen menus and the introductory guide, the dealers are also a great help to those who have never played before. Andar Bahar from BetGames is ideal for those who want to try online card games.

The game interface includes everything that players will need during a game. The layout of the menus has been done in such a way as not to overload the screen. Bettors will be able to enjoy a nice atmosphere.

How to play Andar Bahar?

The game is based on the rules of the traditional Andar Bahar. The principle is quite simple, you just have to concentrate a few times during the game to assimilate the rules.

Players should keep in mind that there are two zones in the game: Andar and Bahar. It is the dealer’s responsibility to draw the first card of the game, but it is the player who decides whether the Joker will be drawn in the Andar or Bahar area. Once the Joker appears, the dealer will use it to determine whether the second card is placed on Andar or Bahar. In principle, if the Joker is black, i.e. Clubs and Spades, the card will be placed in the Andar area, if it is red, the card will be placed in the Bahar area.

The area that receives the second card will not receive the third. The cards will be drawn one by one until one of the two areas receives a card similar to the Joker.

The characteristics of this game

Andar Bahar from BetGames is a simple, but super modern game. The game includes basic features like changing the video quality and adjusting the sound effects. The roadmaps are not as detailed as the other variants.

The game has several betting options. Card Count, which is offered in other versions of Andar Bahar, consists of guessing the number of cards that will be drawn before the game ends. The other betting options are divided into several segments, which consist of 5 cards each. Only the luckiest will see a joker appear that corresponds to a number in the segment they have chosen.

To spice up the game, Andar Bahar offers another side bet. The goal is to predict the winning zone, i.e. the zone that will host the joker first. Those who love risk-taking can even try to guess the value and color of the card.

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