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Evaluation of Andar Bahar card game developed by Vivo Gaming

The world of igaming offers many types of games, including those based on card games such as Andar Bahar, which is undoubtedly one of the best known in the world. This title appeared in India and conquered players all over the world in a short time. That’s why the renowned gaming supplier Vivo Gaming has taken this success and created another version of the Andar Bahar.

Regulars of live casino games already know that Vivo Gaming leaves nothing to chance when it comes to game design. This game, filmed live from one of the supplier’s studios, has nothing to envy to other titles in terms of the game setting and features. Every effort is made to ensure both live casino and player satisfaction. Expect to immerse yourself in an experience reminiscent of India’s rich culture with Andar Bahar.

How to play Andar Bahar de Vivo?

Keep in mind from the beginning that the main goal of the game is to predict the course of a game. However, the participants have to guess whether the winner will be Andar or Bahar. The first pile to receive a card similar to the joker is the winner.

A game always starts with the betting period. It lasts 14 seconds in this version by Andar Bahar. You can play as soon as you have 0.10 cents. You must bet using only the chips offered at the bottom of the screen. You will also have to choose beforehand if you want to bet for Andar or if you prefer Bahar.

Once all participants have placed their bets, the dealer will proceed to the next stage of the game: the drawing of the cards. He will start by drawing the joker and then proceed to draw the other cards.

You will then have to wait for a card resembling the joker to appear. If you are one of those who bet on the winning stack, you will walk away with your winnings at the end of the game.

Why choose Andar Bahar from Vivo Gaming?

More and more online casinos are now offering this version of Andar Bahar launched by Vivo Gaming. The game attracts more players due to its simplicity. The new features added by the developer also contributed to the success of the game.

Once the game is loaded, you will quickly realize that the game setting is fully customizable in Andar Bahar by Vivo Gaming. You are free to create the setting you like.

The use of HTML5 technology has made Andar Bahar a game that is compatible with all types of devices. You can play at your leisure anywhere and anytime. You will benefit from a well secured system.

Languages used to play Andar Bahar

Vivo Gaming really took into account the fact that Andar Bahar is an Indian game when choosing the languages. Indeed, there are tables where Hindi is used as the main language.

The developer has kept the English tables. Those who are not comfortable with English can change the language used in the user interface. They can choose from Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish.

Where to play Andar Bahar?

Taking the time to choose a dealer is of paramount importance when it comes to participating in a live game. As Andar Bahar is booming, more and more online casinos are offering it today. However, it is advisable to turn to a reputable casino to play in the best conditions.

You can check online to make sure you’re getting the best casino. You can then go through a comparison of online casino games. Especially consider the payment methods, welcome bonuses and quality of customer service. This will give you a better chance of finding a reliable casino.

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