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Auto Roulette casino 30s live , the automatic roulette from Authentic Gaming

Do you enjoy roulette, but can’t seem to get enough of it? Auto Roulette Live 30s is the roulette you need.

For a player in a hurry, nothing could be more daunting than all the protocol surrounding a live roulette game. The interventions of the dealer, who runs a game, can be quite slow for a player who wants a little more dynamism. Between the time it takes to place a bet, to get the money back or to pay out the lucky winners, the time might seem long. This effect can even be exacerbated by the “online” effect despite the game publishers’ concern for immersion.

Aware of the needs of its players, Authentic Gaming has concocted Auto Roulette Live 30s, an automatic roulette where the emphasis is on speed and dynamism.

Presentation of the Auto Roulette Casino

Auto Roulette Live 30s is a variant of traditional European roulette. Its particularity: players play on an electronic roulette wheel with a draw frequency of 30 seconds. A whole game is played during these 30 seconds: validation of bets, drawing of the winning number and payment of the winners. A new game starts immediately. And so on. Thus, Auto Roulette Live 30s can complete 120 games per hour. A player who wants to get to grips with the game quickly will be delighted.

To allow a quick and smooth process, Authentic Gaming relies as always on an ergonomic interface. Clear and well ordered, it includes all the elements that have made the editor’s success: practical betting areas for quick bets, statistics and history.

Bets, bets and reports

The bets accepted at Auto Roulette Live 30s are worth a look, as they benefit the smaller player. The minimum stake is set at 0.2 euros and can never exceed 100 euros.

The player has at his disposal the classic roulette bets (pairs, even-odd, columns), but can also try his luck on sidebets, additional bets. However, the speed of the game means that there is no time to think about what bets to make.

As for the ratios, Auto Roulette Live 30s adopts those of the European roulette from which it is inspired. In other words, this variant has similar rules to the traditional European roulette. A full bet (bet on a single number) pays 35 times the initial bet.

Casino Auto Roulette Frequently Asked Questions

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