Auto Roulette Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play Auto Roulette Review

Automatic Roulette from online gaming provider Pragmatic Play has made its debut during the 2020 summer season. The choice of Malta’s developers for its product is based on the need of players for a simple and low-end roulette table. It is a fast game where the ball is thrown automatically inside the wheel. In fact, a dealer is no longer needed during the game.

Pragmatic Play has assigned a solution based on a special 3D interface. The latter allows players to zoom in on a close-up view of the roulette wheel. Also, the RNG engine guarantees fairness, which negates the presence of a host. The fast-paced game is streamed daily 24/7 from Pragmatic Play’s Romanian studio in Bucharest.

Presentation of the game

Like the other live casino games offered by Pragmatic Play, Auto Roulette can also be played on all mobile and desktop devices. So wherever you go, you can take it with you and still enjoy spending time on it. This fast-paced game features a 3D interface, ideal for zooming in on a close-up view of the roulette wheel whenever you really want to get into the gameplay. Fairness is guaranteed without human interaction.

In terms of operation, the simple Auto-Roller table uses a very classic formula. The principle consists only in finding a number chosen at random by the ball. As for the route to it, the competitor is entitled to the passage of various betting denominations and can bet on whole numbers, two duplicate numbers, four square numbers, one column, a dozen 12 numbers or 18 numbers including even, odd, red, black, pass and miss. So many ways to find numbers that give you rational wins. In addition, the live table assigns the information required for various settings such as bet saving, statistics and game history. Finally, the competitors have the possibility to interact with each other using the chat option, allowing to feel exactly the atmosphere of a real casino in real time.

How to play Auto-Roulette Online?

It should be noted, however, that of all Pragmatic Play’s roulette tables, this version has the lowest limit. Everything feels real thanks to the three-dimensional technology and you can enjoy real-time game broadcasting and automatic ball release with each new turn.

The betting table and the roulette wheel from above are visible in the camera. When the wheel is spinning, it is difficult to read the numbers on it, but the standard and racetrack betting grids remain clear. With a simple click on a wheel, the camera zooms in on a close-up view, from which you can see the actions to avoid any doubt about which number is winning.

Each participant places a bet within 15 seconds. As the last few seconds pass, the time bar will change from green to orange to red. There is no live dealer in this game, but you can use the chat function to interact with other participants. It is also possible to save your favorite bets and view game statistics such as Hot/Cold and Last Called numbers (the previous 500 rounds) and participate in special bets (Full Final, Horse Final, Full Complete). An autoplay mode is available on the page and to go to the audio and video settings, use the icon on the top right of the screen.

Why choose Pragmatic Play’s Auto Roulette?

There are many reasons to fall in love with automatic roulette. It is complete with its presentation of European wheel layout and betting, race track area. Also, this range is very appreciated for its practicality and its speed thanks to an automatic release of the balls without dealers. You can make special bets in Auto Roulette such as Full House, Horse and Full Complete. But the big plus of this table is the zoom feature for a closer view of the wheel, which guarantees a more immersive experience.