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Auto Roulette VIP Authentic

Authentic Gaming is known for its roulette broadcasts from land-based casinos. This recognition is backed up by various live game ranges, including Auto Roulette. Available since July 2017, it’s authentic roulette games orchestrated from the publisher’s Arena Studios in Malta. These studios are then totally dedicated to the Auto Roulette live.

Unlike other live roulette games where the game is run by a real dealer, “Auto Roulette” uses a mechanic to make the draw. Very popular with players, this type of roulette is getting more and more attention from publishers.

Despite its “automatic” nature, no software is involved in the draw. Only the mechanics take care of it. Even without a dealer, the draw is everything. To do this, the ball is propelled by a blast, not manually. Authentic Gaming takes care to broadcast the draw live for the sake of fairness, but also to offer a better experience.

As this is a European roulette, the rules are those of the classic European roulette. It should be noted that the names of Authentic Gaming’s Auto Roulette may vary depending on the platform, but some of them are still available in French.

Features of the VIP Auto Roulette

Here is a brief summary of the features of the VIP Auto Roulette:

  • Type: European roulette wheel
  • Publisher: Authentique Gaming
  • Drawing frequency: 52 seconds
  • Betting time: 22 seconds
  • Minimum stake: 0.2 euro
  • Statistics: last 250 prints

Despite the close draw rate and the absence of the dealer, the atmosphere is made a little more festive by the elegance of the decor. In spite of this detail, Auto Roulette provides better quality shots than games broadcast from land-based casinos. In addition to perfect reception, the games are compatible on all media.

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