Bac Bo live game review, Strategy and How to play?

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The thriving online casino industry continues to expand, widening the range of exciting games available. Among these entertainments, live casino options are gaining popularity among players, offering a variety of gaming experiences.

If you’re looking for a live casino game that strays from the traditional without being completely unknown, then look no further than Evolution’s Bac Bo. This new dice game which is quickly gaining notoriety due to its simplicity. It combines elements of the live casino dice game and is a hybrid of Baccarat and Sic Bo.

If you love the excitement of live casino games, dice games and endless winning opportunities, it’s time to discover why Bac Bo is the next must-visit live casino destination.

The form of the game

Bac Bo is a live casino game that skillfully combines the features of Sic Bo and Baccarat. It favors simplicity to provide players with a resolutely traditional gaming experience.

The action takes place in an elegant Asian studio, adopting rules that are largely reminiscent of those of Dragon Tiger. The broadcast is done from the premises of the Asian Casino of Evolution. Through its various facets, a pronounced Asian influence permeates the game card design and layout.

The emphasis is on liveliness and simplicity, with a live dealer supervising the game and providing continuous entertainment during each round. A soothing soundtrack in the background accompanies players as they place their bets, whether in favor of the banker or the player.

How to play Bac Bo?

Once you have mastered how live baccarat works, keep this information in mind when participating in this game. Using dice instead of cards also simplifies the whole process.

The evolution of Bac Bo is based on the use of two series of two dice. Each pair of dice is placed in an automatic shaker, with one designated as “Player” and the other as “Banker”. The dice start shaking simultaneously during the 15-second betting phase, but stop at different times. Once they stop moving, their results are compared, and the winner is determined. The highest addition of dice of the same color wins the bet .

bacbo evolution
“Player 4 – Banker 7 >> Banker Win”

When you play Bac Bo live for real money, your goal is to predict the hand that will get the highest dice total. As in traditional baccarat games, you have the choice between betting on the “Player”, the “Banker” or on a “Tie”. Betting limits vary depending on which live casino you frequent.

Usually one of the dice on the “Player” side stops moving first. Then one of the dice on the “Banker” side stops shaking, and the two results are compared. Whichever side rolled the highest first, the second die then stops shaking, adding an extra level of excitement.

Once all these steps are completed, the final result is revealed. The party with the highest dice total wins the round. If you bet on “Player” or “Banker” and the result is a tie, you will still receive a payout of 0.9.

The special features of the game

Simplicity defines Bac Bo. This game is captivating, fast and welcoming to newbies. At the time of writing this Evolution Back Bo review, there aren’t really any extraneous features. All bets come down to a choice between Player, Banker or Tie, with no side bets.

Still, the game doesn’t need more. Its concept is unique enough, and adding side bets would be superfluous.

That said, a few things are worth noting. First of all, the user interface presents live statistics of bets made. They tell you about the number of players betting on each option in each round.

At the bottom of the game window you can also find various roadmaps and similar information. On the left you have the classic Bead Road, offering three different viewing modes. To the right you will find Big Road, Big Eye Road, Small Road and Cockroach Road. These are essentially traditional baccarat roadmaps that can guide you in your next decision.

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Strategy for Bac Bo

The Bac Bo game offers three possible outcomes :

  • A victory for the Player
  • A victory for the Bank
  • A Tie.

According to statistics, the chance of obtaining a Tie is lower compared to that of a victory by the Player or the Banker. The rules state that in the event of a Tie, and if you bet on the Player or the Banker, your bet is refunded to you, deducted by 10%.

bac bo stats

It is therefore preferable to bet on the Player or the Bank.

Even if there is no foolproof strategy for Bac Bo, several betting options are possible:

  1. Constantly bet on the same position, whether it is the Banker or the Player.
  2. Vary your bets between the Bank and the Player.

These options require you to identify sequences to optimize your winnings. The unknown lies in the anticipation of these sequences. History from previous games can guide, but it does not predict future results. If you bet solely based on these histories, you risk losing. However, when it comes to probability, an event that hasn’t happened for a long time could happen soon. On this basis, you could adapt your bets. In my experience, streaks of 4 or more victories remain exceptional. It is therefore wise to stop betting after a defeat and resume afterwards, especially with modest stakes.

You can also, occasionally, place a larger bet based on your intuition about the next outcome. This is more daring, and a mistake could lead to you trying to recoup your losses later.

As for the Martingale strategy, it is based more on a progression of bets than on a real strategy. The principle is simple: double your previous bet until you win. You then cover all your losses and find a balance. But be careful, this requires significant initial capital, because progress can quickly turn out to be costly.

Our recommendation would be to favor betting on Player or Banker, with an occasional small bet on Tie, hoping to hit a payout greater than 10:1.

Remember: each Tie has an equal probability of occurring, but the winnings vary, giving the house a significant advantage.

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🙌 Frequently asked questions “Bac Bo EVOLUTION GAMING”

What is the Bac Bo live game?

bac bo live

Bac Bo is a hybrid game of Baccarat and Sic Bo. it uses a game of dice and is inspired by the card game Baccarat which pits the player against the bank, each seeking to obtain a hand of cards whose total value is closest to 9, during a game of Live Bac Bo, the highest value colored dice won, this Evolution software live game was released in January 2022.

What is the return player tuax from Bac BO?

This rate is close to RTP of 98.87%

What is the maximum gain on Bac Bo?

By betting on a tie, you can obtain a gain with a ratio of up to 88 to 1, if the player’s and banker’s dice show a total of 2 or 12 respectively.

Is Bac Bo betting suitable for both novices and experienced players?

Indeed, beginners can start their bets from €1 while VIP players have the opportunity to bet up to €$£10,000.

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