Bet on Baccarat

What you need to know about Bet on Baccarat

Bet on Baccarat is one of the games that enrich the BetGames game library. This is an ideal title for all Baccarat lovers. This game is played in the same way as the standard casino game known as Punto Banco, but this version operates with the participation of a live host and features more modernized betting options.

Bet on Baccarat is very easy to play, even for beginners. The game is laid out in a user-friendly manner and the betting options are clearly arranged. Inexperienced players will easily know how to play the game, how to make bets, etc. In addition, the layout and the dealer’s advice will be of great help to win the game more easily. Generally, Bet on Baccarat is a simple and popular card game involving two players, the banker and the player. In each match there are three possible outcomes: player win, banker win or tie. In this review we will see all the information you need to know about this BetGames title, how to play it, how each game is calculated and the possible betting options.

How to play Bet on Baccarat?

Like other live Baccarat games, to play Bet on Baccarat, start by placing a bet on one of the available outcomes or side bets. What makes this version different from the others is that here you can enter the game no matter what stage you are in. Each game begins with the “primary bets” stage, during which the presenter speaks to the camera to give the player time to choose bets. Next, we move to the “player” stage, where the dealer deals a card to the participant and waits for more bets. Then there is the “banker” stage, which is underway when the banker receives the card. In case of a tie, there are no more betting steps, but the game is played according to the classic rules.

When you are thinking of making a bet, you can do so by expanding the bet categories through the feed window or by using the side menu button to the right of the dealer to make the right choice. There are dozens of betting options and the odds will be displayed next to the name of the bet and change with each spin. When you have finished choosing the bet, add the amount you wish to bet on to your betting slip and you can place the bets. It is also possible to bet on the same bet in the next step.

How is the total of each part calculated?

The total for each round is calculated according to the following criteria:

  • The value of the cards, the number cards from 2 to 9 have the same value as the number on them. A 5 of diamonds for example represents a value of 5.
  • The figure (J, Q, K) and a card 10 are all evaluated at a value of 0.
  • The Ace of the game has a value of 1
  • If the total is 10 or more, the value of the second digit of the total becomes the group total at the end of the comparison. That is, if the player has cards 8 and 5 drawn, for a total of 13, then the total considered for settlement is 3.

Betting in Bet on Baccarat

In Bet on Baccarat, there are 3 main bets:

  • Player: place bet on player to win
  • Banker: make a bet on the banker to win
  • Tie: Banker and player have the same number of points

Note that placing a bet on the banker is considered the most favorable option. In addition to these main bets, it is also possible to go for secondary bets such as the players’ pair, the bankers’ pair or the perfect pair. You can also bet on the color of the next card, on the suit or on the even or odd nature.

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