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Evolution has carved out a place for itself in the world of live game creation over the years. The developer now has a very large number of games including those in the Skylounge range: Skylounge Royale Roulette and the four tables dedicated to blackjack.

Be aware from the start that there are very few online casinos that currently offer games from the Evolution Gaming Skylounge range. In this article, we will focus on the characteristics of the Skylounge Blackjack series so that you can learn more about its specificities.

Live Blackjack aficionados are familiar with the usual clutter of Evolution tables, victims of their popularity for some time. Places at low betting limits are constantly taken, forcing players to bet more than they would like. Tables specifically dedicated to an online casino (or a group of casinos) appear to be a perfect solution to remedy this situation, an approach already adopted by large casino groups. It is notable that the SkyLounge tables are never overcrowded, which is fortunate for online blackjack fans who prefer to stick to reasonable bets.

SkyLounge Blackjack Features

  • Operator : Evolution
  • 4 blackjack tables with dealer
  • Studio: live from Latvia
  • Live blackjack with 8 decks of 52 cards
  • Betting limit: €5 – €1,000
  • 2 optional sidebets: 21+3, Perfect Pairs
  • Operation : 24/24
  • Return to player rate: 99.29%

Classic rules plus 2 side bets on Skylounge Blackjack

You don’t need to be a blackjack expert to get a place on the Skylounge Blackjack live tables since the rules are very easy to understand. Certainly, those who know the traditional rules of blackjack will understand more easily. Amateurs and big players, however, each have their chance. You just need to concentrate and remember the basic principles. You must keep in mind that the main goal of the game is to form a hand stronger than that of the dealer without exceeding 21 points.

A game always starts with the betting period. Players are free to set the amounts they want to place, respecting the minimum of €5 and the maximum of €1,000. The tokens to use are: 1, 5, 10, 25, 100 or 500 €.

Once all participants finish placing their bet, they will receive 2 face up cards each. The dealer will also place 2 face down in front of himself. To make the game even more interesting, Evolution has also added two side bets which allow you to win even more attractive amounts.

  • The first is Perfect Pairs which pays 6 to 1 if you successfully make a pair, 12 to 1 if the cards are of the same suit, and 25 to 1 if the icons are the same.
  • The second side bet 21+3, pays only in case your hand plus the dealer’s card brings out a poker combination.

It is therefore very important to know the hierarchy of combinations to better decipher the paytable with Skylounge Blackjack. 21+3 pays 5x with a flush, 10x with a straight, 30x with three of a kind, 40x with a straight flush and 100x with three of a kind where the icons are the same.

Skylounge Blackjack games managed by a real dealer are accessible on computer and mobile

To give the game a more human side, Evolution decided to hire a real dealer. The latter is responsible for leading each game by drawing the cards and distributing them afterwards. His presence takes punters directly into an experience similar to that which they can experience in a land-based casino.

The provider was keen to make the Skylounge Blackjack series an easily accessible game. The team was able to meet this challenge because with HTML 5 technology, this title becomes compatible with all types of devices. As a result, punters can play wherever they are and at any time via computer as well as via smartphone or tablet.

Benefits of Blackjack Sky Lounge:

Observation of the shuffling of the cards : One particularity distinguishes these tables from others at Evolution: the shuffling of the cards is carried out by the dealer in person, in full view of the cameras and the players, directly on the gaming table.

Access to less crowded Evolution tables : Among the four Skylounge Blackjack tables, three offer bets ranging from €5 to €1000, making live dealer blackjack on 7-player tables accessible to a wide audience. Their lower attendance offers the opportunity to participate in quick games on tables that are not very busy.

Regular competitions : These privileged tables benefit from the frequent organization of competitions and tournaments by the MCM group, exclusively reserved for affiliated casinos, around the Blackjack Lounge tables. For example, “The Weekend Hunt” tournament invites you to collect bonus cards and is currently taking place, from May 7 to 29, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions “Skylounge Blackjack”

What is SkyLounge Blackjack?

skylounge blackjack live

SkyLounge Blackjack is an exclusive gaming experience offered by Evolution Gaming. It offers blackjack tables with live dealers, allowing players to enjoy an authentic casino atmosphere while playing online.

What are the advantages of the Skylounge Blackjack table?

Minimum bet is $5€, Access to less crowded Evolution tables, 7 players per table

What are the betting limits on SkyLounge Blackjack tables?

Betting limits on SkyLounge Blackjack tables vary, but three of the four tables offer bets ranging from €5 to €1000, making the game accessible to a wide range of players.

How is the mixing of cards ensured on these tables?

In SkyLounge Blackjack, the shuffling of the cards is done manually by the dealer, under the eyes of the cameras and the players, on the gaming table itself. This provides increased transparency and a more immersive gaming experience.

Are there any special competitions or tournaments held?

Yes, special competitions and tournaments are regularly organized by the MCM group, reserved for the group’s casinos around the Blackjack Lounge tables. For example, “The Weekend Hunt” tournament which offers to collect bonus cards during a specific period.

Is it easy to find a seat at the SkyLounge Blackjack tables?

Yes, SkyLounge tables are less crowded compared to other Evolution tables, making it easier for players to find a seat, especially those who prefer moderate stakes.

On which platforms can you play SkyLounge Blackjack?

SkyLounge Blackjack is accessible via Evolution Gaming’s partner online casinos such as Dublinbet , Lucky 31 and Casino Extra

Is SkyLounge Blackjack available on mobile?

SkyLounge Blackjack mobile availability depends on the online casino platform you are using. However, most Evolution Gaming games are optimized for mobile devices, providing a flexible gaming experience.

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