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eBet.com’s Bull Bull game review

The game creation market has been constantly welcoming new games over the past few decades. Developers are always coming up with new concepts to impress their customers. Having entered the market a decade ago, Ebet.com now has several live games, including Bull Bull. Straight from China, it is a game that has remained little known in the West. Indeed, few Western retailers offer the Bull Bull directly. The Asian players know him very well though. Ebet.com has decided to revise the game in order to offer a more modern and accessible version to all.

Bull Bull is a card game that has maintained a place among traditional Chinese games over the centuries. Connoisseurs also call it Niu Niu or Bullfight. It is a game that uses 52 cards. The version launched by Ebet.com offers an immersive and very modern game environment. The game is based on the traditional Bull Bull rules. The biggest difference is the length of a game. Indeed, a live Bull Bull game lasts only 25 seconds.

How to play Live Bull Bull eBet online

Ebet.com’s Bull Bull is a game whose rules are generally easy to understand. This is a game with three players in addition to the banker. So there are three possibilities in terms of betting since the game is about betting on the odds of a hand. Some options, such as Double and Equal, allow you to place two bets at the same time.

Participants must know the values of the hands at all costs to avoid making mistakes during the game. As far as Bull Bull from Ebet.com is concerned, the values are: No Bull, Bull 1, Bull 2, Bull 3, Bull 4, Bull 5, Bull 6, Bull 7, Bull 8, Bull 9, Bull Bull and 5 Flower Bull.

The game begins with the placement of bets. Players only have a few seconds to place a bet. The dealer then proceeds to deal the cards. The three players and the banker will receive 5 cards each. The odds will then be determined based on the comparison and ranking of the hands. They will be displayed on the screen for the bettors to see.

Ebet. com has added other features in order to make it easier for participants. With this version, bettors can access statistics since the software used stores data about previous games. They can also communicate with the dealer via instant messaging.

eBet.com’s Bull Bull highlights

By creating Bull Bull, Ebet.com has developed a game accessible to all. For the greatest happiness of the bettors, the game is indeed accessible on computer as on mobile.

The developer also put a lot of effort into the design of the game environment. The items that make up the menu have been carefully placed so as not to overload the screen. The video stream and image quality are breathtaking. The dealers who run the game are very professional.

New features, such as the ability to change the language of the user interface and instant messaging, make the game even more fun.


The number of casinos that offer Bull Bull as part of their gaming portfolio is still quite small at this time. With the exception of Asian Gaming, Ebet.com is the only provider that has ventured to design a version of this Asian card game. However, the developer has managed to win over card game fans by offering a version with easy-to-learn rules. The reluctance of other game developers may work in Ebet.com’s favor.

Many games from the Asian continent are nowadays making their way into the international market of online game creation. The success of Ebet.com’s Bull Bull with Western players is the perfect example. The game is attracting more and more bettors over the years due to the totally mesmerizing game setting and the side bets offered

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