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Detailed review of this VIVOGaming roulette table

Based in Miami, Florida, VivoGaming.com is a software that entered the world of iGaming in 2009. To better adapt to the winds of change, the team decided to specialize in live game design.

However, developers are constantly coming up with new features to meet customer expectations. Vivo Gaming now has many live tables including the famous Burgas Roulette released in 2022. In this article, we will discover the specificities of this roulette wheel, which has been added to Vivo Gaming’s large collection of games.

Betting limits to choose from at Burgas Roulette

It is important to be aware of the betting limits with Burgas Roulette as each game starts with the betting period. However, the players will have to decide on the amounts they want to place using the chips: 0.10, 1, 5, 10, 25, 100 and 250, or 1, 5, 10, 50, 100, 500 and 1000.

In Burgas Roulette, participants can place either £0.10 to £1,500 or £1 to £3,000 per game. There are several betting options that players can choose from if they decide to bet between £0.10 and £1,500. Those betting on full numbers, horses, crosses and squares can place up to £20, £30, £50 and £100 respectively. For the sixains, the stakes vary from 1 to 200 €. For dozens, columns and single chances, participants can place between €5 and €1000 or €1500

Those who prefer to place between £1 and £3,000 can bet up to £100, £150, £200 and £300 respectively for full numbers, horses, crosses and squares, up to £500 for sixains, £2,000 for dozens and columns and £3,000 for single chances.

burgas roulette vivogaming

Flashy colors and some neon lights in the neat decoration of Burgas Roulette

Casino gamers know that Vivo Gaming leaves nothing to chance when it comes to designing the gaming environment. Once the game is loaded, you will immediately realize that a retro atmosphere reigns in the room. Flashy colors dominate at first sight. A few neon lights were placed on either side to add a little more brightness. The game atmosphere is very soothing.

The Vivo Gaming team focused on the layout of the various menu items so that the screen would not be too crowded. You will see the betting table in the middle and some statistical data on the sides.

To make the game more human, the developer opted for a real dealer. The latter will be in charge of animating the game. His intervention will give players the impression of playing in a real land-based casino.

Playing at great casinos in live Roulette Burgas

Newcomers always intrigue gambling enthusiasts and Burgas Roulette, this table with a real dealer, from Vivo Gaming is no exception. It is therefore necessary to take the time to choose the right online casino in order to enjoy each game of Burgas Roulette in the best conditions.

It is highly recommended to turn to reputable, large online casinos to play at the various live roulette tables online. The different features and rewards they have in store for you will not leave you indifferent. Welcome bonuses and free spins are available.

🙋 Burgas Roulette live game FAQ

✔ What is the software that created Burgas Roulette?

Burgas Roulette was launched by the developer Vivo Gaming during the year 2022, the games “Burgas” come from a lounge located in Bulgaria

📍 Is Burgas Roulette filmed from a land-based casino?

No, Vivo Gaming chose to shoot the games of Burgas Roulette from a studio decorated with an 80’s theme

💰 What are the betting limits of Burgas Roulette?

At the start of a Burgas Roulette game, bettors can decide to place either €0.10 to €1,500 or €1 to €3,000 per game.

❔ Is it possible to play Burgas Roulette in demo mode?

Unfortunately, there is no free version of Burgas Roulette.

🔔 What are the best online casinos where Burgas Roulette is available?

It is highly recommended to turn to our certified casinos to start playing Burgas Roulette.

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