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Dive into the World of Casino Cruises: Luxury, Games and Adventures on the High Seas!

Discover the Thrill of Casino on the Open Sea On board Casino cruises, prepare to live an extraordinary gaming experience in a luxurious setting. The ships, equipped with elegant casinos, promise you unparalleled moments of entertainment, combining the thrill of gambling and the beauty of the sea.

For some passengers, casinos on cruise ships are a central part of their experience, while for others, they are just another attraction. It’s common to hear cruise passengers plan their day around the activities offered, including the entertainment offered by the casino, such as the ship’s Vegas Casino.

For those intrigued, we’ve explored and answered the most frequently asked questions about cruise casinos. You might be surprised by some of these facts!

Casinos on Cruise Ships: An Overview

  1. Presence of Casinos on Large Cruise Ships : The majority of large cruise ships, such as those operated by Royal Caribbean, MSC Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Celebrity Cruises, are equipped with casinos. These facilities are a common feature on many ships offering traditional cruises.
  2. Absence of Casinos on Certain Specialized Ships : Companies like Disney Cruise Line, Paul Gauguin, and several expedition ships do not include casinos in their offerings. This choice often reflects a different positioning or a targeted clientele.
  3. Casinos on Luxury Cruise Ships and River Ships : Among luxury companies, some like Silversea and Seabourn have casinos on their ships. In contrast, smaller ships, such as those from Ponant, Ritz-Carlton, Scenic and Emerald, do not have one. Additionally, river cruise ships generally do not offer casinos, particularly on American rivers where gambling is reserved for floating casinos.

Choice of Best Game in Casino Cruises

As for the best game to play on a cruise ship, there is no universal answer, as it depends on each person’s personal preferences.

  • Skill Games vs. Slot Machines : Games that combine skill and luck, such as blackjack, can offer higher chances of winning (only 1% advantage for the casino). On the other hand, slot machines present a significant advantage for the casino (up to 25%). Thus, casinos on ships tend to favor slot machines, both in number and in loyalty-related benefits.

In cruise casinos, it is common to find a variety of games inspired by popular television shows or live lottery . These games often include versions of slots or table games based on famous TV shows. Among them, we can find:

  1. Themed Slots : Slot machines that feature the theme, images, and sometimes sounds of popular television shows.
  2. Table Games and Quizzes : Some cruise casinos offer table games or quizzes based on television show formats, where participants can play guessing, strategy, or trivia games.

These games provide an entertaining and familiar gaming experience, especially for fans of the relevant shows. However, the exact offer may vary from ship to ship, depending on the cruise line and any licensing agreements it may have made with the TV show rights holders. To find out the specific games available on a particular cruise ship, it is recommended to check the information provided by the cruise line directly or contact their customer service.

In summary, to maximize your cash winnings, skill games are recommended. If you’re looking to win extra perks, like free cruises, slots may be a better option.

Legality of Casinos on Cruise Ships: What You Need to Know

The question of the legality of gambling in cruise ship casinos is often a concern for passengers. Typically, shipboard casinos open their doors once the ship has left port, although some prefer to wait until they are a safe distance from shore.

The regulation of these casinos is done in two ways:

  1. Compliance with the Laws of the Country of Registration : Casinos normally comply with the laws of the country where the vessel is registered.
  2. Adherence to Rules in International Waters : Since gambling primarily takes place on the high seas, casinos also follow the regulations of the International Association of Cruise Lines, especially for ships departing from specific ports.

Each casino must clearly display its internal rules. This includes the minimum and maximum betting limits for each game. Access is limited to adults, with a minimum age of 21 for cruises departing from a US port and 18 for others. Gambling on ships is largely comparable to land-based casinos, with similar rules. In case of differences, the specific rules will be displayed in the casino. For any uncertainties, it is recommended to consult a casino employee or ship representative for further information.

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Tournaments organized on Casino Cruises, Payment Options

Organization of Onboard Casino Tournaments : The casinos of the major cruise lines regularly organize tournaments, including games such as slot machines, blackjack and poker. These tournaments are sometimes exclusive, reserved for loyal members of the high-level casino, and often take place on cruises specially organized for these privileged players.

Payment Methods Accepted on Casino Cruises : Onboard casinos accept cash payments for slots and table games. For example, you can bring money to a roulette table and exchange it for chips. Note that the conversion of money into tokens or game credits is one-sided. Winnings must be converted to cash at the casino cashier or, in some cases, credited directly to your onboard account.

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