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Discovering the United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is a federation made up of seven emirates which are Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ras al Khaimah, Fujairah, Umm al Qaiwain and Ajman. This federal state has been led by President Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan since 2004 after succeeding his father. Politically, the United Arab Emirates is not really democratic, here, even political parties are banned.

The United Arab Emirates has a total area of ​​82,880 km2 inhabited by approximately 9.8 million inhabitants, according to a 2020 estimate. Discover in this article all the necessary information about this emirate, in particular its development, its population, its characteristics and the leisure activities to do there.

Economic development of the country

The economic development of this federal state has long been based on oil exploitation, especially since the 1970s. Indeed, the Emirates are experiencing strong growth with a GDP per capita which is increasing significantly. More precisely, the country’s economy is dominated by Abu Dhabi, as it essentially guarantees the production of a large amount of hydrocarbons. Moreover, it is the 4th major oil producer according to OPEC.

Today, the United Arab Emirates is accelerating its growth through greater diversification of activities, such as tourism and trade.

Population in the United Arab Emirates

In 2020, the UAE population is 9.8 million according to data provided by the World Bank. Seventy percent of this population are men, in fact, women only constitute 30% of the entire Emirati people. As for immigrants, they represent 88% of the total population and the rest therefore constitutes the local population. These expatriates mainly concern people from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and especially Egypt. The majority of the population is between the ages of 25 and 55.

United Arab Emirates, a conservative state

Being very conservative, the Emirates are strict about following certain rules. Men must wear a long white coat with long sleeves, these clothes are called dishdasha or kandoura, and a ghutra with a woolen headband on the head. For women, they wear a loose black abaya that falls to the ankles and usually covers their entire body except the face.

For foreigners, they must wear suitable clothing that covers shoulders and knees in public places. You should also avoid certain clothes or tattoos that carry offensive messages.

We all know that the Emirates rest the foundation of their society on Islam, they do not tolerate any criticism against this religion. Any criticism of Islam can result in imprisonment.

It should also be noted that the consumption of alcohol in a public space is prohibited. Also, one should not dance in the streets, flirt or kiss, as these behaviors can cause some provocation.

The United Arab Emirates and sports betting

There is no specific law that governs sports betting in the UAE. However, games of chance remain prohibited, as in all Middle Eastern states. Indeed, all kinds of gambling including casino games and lotteries are not authorized. So, even if there is no law specifically prohibiting sports betting, it cannot be assumed that it is legal.

Is it possible to play gambling games?

If residents of the Emirates wish to have fun in casino games , they must go through online gaming sites. There are several online casinos that accept Emirati players. However, to access these platforms, you must use a virtual private network or VPN. Indeed, this software encrypts your traffic so that nothing you do online is visible. This procedure is very important because internet service providers in the Emirates block certain gambling sites. Using a VPN is indeed fundamental to accessing these casinos.

Activities and leisure in the United Arab Emirates

Camel racing is a very popular activity among Emiratis. The season for this sport takes place every year from October to April. Crazy about this discipline, the Emir of Abu Dhabi owns around 15,000 racing camels.

He is sure not to be bored in the Emirates. You can go on an adventure to the Liwa oasis located in the Rub Al-Khali desert on the Abu Dhabi border. This discovery lasts 2 days in 4×4. Alternatively, turn to Dubai and take a spectacular 4×4 tour through the dunes. This passage is a must for anyone visiting Dubai. Or, for more thrills, fly over the Emirates in a hot air balloon for 60 minutes to contemplate nature, the Dubai desert or certain nature reserves.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is known for its wealth and modernity, however, it follows strict laws based on Islamic law (Sharia), which prohibits gambling. Here is a simplified overview of the gambling situation in the UAE:

  1. Strict Legislation:
    • Gambling is strictly prohibited in the UAE, in accordance with Islamic law.
  2. Online Casinos:
    • Although land-based casinos are prohibited, some residents may seek to access foreign online casinos, although this remains illegal and risky.
  3. Camel and Horse Racing:
    • Horse and camel racing is popular and legal in the UAE, but with no betting allowed. They represent more of a cultural and sporting aspect than a gambling game.
  4. Lotteries:
    • Legal exceptions exist for some lotteries and sweepstakes, but they are generally organized by the state or approved entities, and not open to the public for organization.
  5. Tourism :
    • The UAE attracts many tourists every year, but they should be aware of the strict laws against gambling to avoid legal problems.
  6. Rigorous Control:
    • UAE authorities exercise strict control to prevent illegal gambling and online betting, including access to foreign gambling sites.
  7. Social Games:
    • Some board games and social activities that do not involve gambling are accepted and are part of the local culture.

In summary, gambling in the UAE is severely restricted due to Islamic law. Residents and visitors should be aware of these laws to avoid violations, and there is no legalized or regulated gambling industry in the country.

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