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Casino-Jackpot.live is a thematic guide to live dealer casino games. It also includes the best games with Jackpot.

Casino-Jackpot.live was created in response to the observation that generalist guides too easily took up the marketing arguments of online casinos without providing the slightest nuance, in particular with regard to bonuses.

For a bad guide, a bonus is always good to take even when it has no chance of applying or when the withdrawal restrictions are penalizing for the player. It is this kind of detail that makes it possible to value the best guides, like the best casinos.

We don’t just write about live games, we test them. Every new live game is tested in player mode and thoroughly reviewed by our team of passionate live gamers. A few dozen test videos are available on Casino-Jackpot.live.

Our goal is to provide objective and alternative advice to players interested in online casino games. We also select large online casinos that are reliable and have integrity in their proposals.

Our guide is prohibited for people under the age of 18. Please therefore check the legislation relating to online gambling in your country in order to comply with it.

You wish to contact us, make a comment, make an improvement, our form is at your disposal.

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