Dead or Alive Saloon

dead or alive saloon

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Dead or Alive Saloon Live is a live dealer card game published since 2022 and launched by the famous live casino game provider Evolution Gaming. The objective in the base game is to predict the correct card that the host will draw. But this title also offers various interesting features to enrich players’ pockets such as the implementation of numerous multipliers.

To play Dead or Alive Saloon live, you can use your computer, tablet or smartphone. Moreover, it is available on all operating systems. Indeed, do not hesitate to try a new, fully immersive and unique live casino gaming experience with this title from Evolution Gaming.

Dead or Alive: Saloon is a card game incorporating elements of the Evolution game shows, where the objective is to predict which standard card will be taken from a deck of 104 cards. This game is designed to appeal to all types of players, regardless of their level of risk apprehension. You have the option to bet on all cards simultaneously, thus guaranteeing a win on each spin, or to limit your choices in order to increase the potential multiplier on the total bet. Card choice is the foundation of strategy in Dead or Alive Saloon.

About the game

We all know that Evolution Gaming is one of the leading providers in the online casino market. However, it’s not surprising to hear that it offers titles from time to time that will appeal to lovers of live games like Dead or Alive Saloon Live.

This game takes you to venture into the Wild West, where you have to guess the cards that will be drawn by the dealer and if the odds are in your favor, you will get huge winnings. Eh yes ! Dead or Alive Saloon Live is totally a luck based game.

However, you are brought into a studio designed to resemble a saloon in the American West. Painstaking work has been done to ensure that the environment and atmosphere are similar to those of a real Wild West saloon. During the gaming session, you can take advantage of multipliers which will increase your potential winnings. That’s not all, bonus rounds are also available to maximize your rewards.

  • Minimum bet: €0.1
  • Maximum bet: €1,000.
  • Maximum gain: €500,000

How to play Dead or Alive Saloon live casino game?

If you are interested in Dead or Alive Saloon live, it is important to play through a whole section of the game. This is why we are going to explain to you how the game works. The game offers unlimited players and as soon as you open it you can immediately start betting.

Bet placement

The Saloon Dead or Alive live game from Evolution offers a wide range of bets. However, the user can place a bet on the card, on the suit or on the value of a certain card. It is also possible to bet on several cards or on all cards together. In case you predicted the correct card and no bonus was drawn, you win 20x the stake. The maximum payout is 2,000x the stake and Evolution has capped winnings of up to €500,000 per spin.

Distribution of cards

Dead or Alive saloon live contains 52 regular playing cards and 52 bonus cards consisting of 3 Double cards, 6 Bounty cards, 20 20x multiplier cards, 19 30x multiplier cards, 3 50x multiplier cards and a final 100x multiplier.

When the betting time is up, the host deals the cards face up, one by one. If a bonus card draw with a 20x, 30x, 50x or 100x multiplier takes place, the value of this card will be added to the sum of the initial win and the process continues. If the dealer has drawn a Double card, your potential winnings will then be doubled without affecting the values ​​of future bonus cards.

dead or alive dealer

The results

The game ends when a normal playing card is drawn. The player wins if he correctly predicted the regular playing card drawn first. The winnings will be calculated from the bet placed and the multiplier values ​​that have been accumulated during the game.

Different features

Dead or Alive Saloon live offers autoplay feature. To activate this mode, simply click on the “autospin” tab. It allows you to make the same bets for a certain number of rounds. You also have at the bottom right of the screen, the game history table. The latter displays the results of the last 30 rounds.

During a game of Dead or Alive, if the Bounty card is drawn, you will be taken into the immersive Bounty Hunt event. However, three targets will appear and each contains a hidden multiplier value. So you have to choose your target, aim at it and then shoot it. Then the multiplier won will be revealed and added to your potential win.

Tips for Maximizing Your Earnings in Dead or Alive: Saloon

Mastering Dead or Alive Saloon strategies is crucial to excel in this game.

So is the effective application of these strategies. Explore the best tips for playing Dead or Alive Saloon.

  1. Assess the Risk Level : The strategies mentioned for Dead or Alive Saloon vary in risk, allowing you to select the one that pairs well with your playstyle. Generally, keep in mind that the risk decreases as you choose more cards, and vice versa.
  2. Adjust your Stake according to the Risk Level : The next significant step is to adapt the value of your stake to the risk level. In short, avoid betting big with a risky strategy. Less risky strategies give you more flexibility. However, this does not mean that you should commit all your funds at once when employing the basic strategy of Dead or Alive: Saloon. With a multiplier of just 20x, more than half of your balance could evaporate!
  3. Avoid Traditional Betting Systems : Classic betting tactics such as Martingale, Paroli, among others, have no place in Dead or Alive Saloon. These methods are more suited to games where payouts are known in advance. In Dead or Alive: Saloon, winnings are unpredictable, making these strategies impractical.
  4. Ignore Previous Results and Card Counting : Every turn in Dead or Alive Saloon sees the deck shuffled, making card counting futile. Likewise, do not let yourself be influenced by the outcomes of previous rounds. A sequence of three identical draws does not bode well for the next draw, whether in the main game or during the Bounty Hunt bonus. The hidden multipliers are random, luck is your only ally.
  5. Don’t Adhere to Card Selection Patterns : The chance of an ordinary card being drawn remains constant each turn. Whatever the selection model, whether by color, value or a snake model, your chances of success remain unaltered. The crucial factor is the number of cards and the total stake in relation to your balance.
  6. Set Time and Money Limits : Dead or Alive Saloon, like other casino games, is extremely captivating. It’s easy to lose track of time and money spent. The casino always has the advantage in the long run. It is therefore wise to determine in advance how much time and money you are willing to invest in Dead or Alive Saloon, ensuring that your experience remains enjoyable.

Riskiest but profitable strategy!

The most daring tactic in Dead or Alive Saloon is to bet on a single card each round. With this approach, you can anticipate wins on less than 2% of spins. Additionally, some spins will only award you a 20x multiplier – an unattractive reward for this level of risk.

However, it is only this tactic that opens the door to multipliers surpassing your total stake by hundreds or even thousands of times. It is favorable for those ready to take the risk of chasing big multipliers while being aware of the danger of losing everything quickly.

It is crucial to emphasize that bold tactics represent the only path to victory at the casino. Either you win a tidy sum and leave the game, or you quickly exhaust your funds. As a gaming session is generally brief, the casino does not have a noticeable mathematical advantage over the player.

With this in mind, the All or Nothing strategy contrasts with the basic strategy of Dead or Alive: Saloon. With the basic strategy, your wins and losses are minimal each round, but cumulatively, your balance tends to crumble over time. In short, the basic strategy extends your game and your fun, but do not entertain the hope of getting big wins.

dead or alive

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions about the game “Dead or Alive Saloon”

What is Dead or Alive Saloon game?

dead or alive saloon evolution gaming

Dead or Alive Saloon is a card game incorporating elements of the Evolution game shows, where the objective is to predict which standard card will be taken from a deck of 104 cards. Some might see it as a live version of Dead or Alive, a popular online slot machine

What special cards can be found in Dead or Alive Saloon?

In the Dead or Alive Saloon shoe, we find 20 x20, 19 x30, 3 x50,1 x100, 3 Double and 6 Bounty.

Is it possible to play Dead or Alive Saloon on mobile?

Yes, you can play Dead or Alive Saloon on a smartphone or tablet, whether they run iOS or Android.

What is the return to player (RTP) rate for Evolution’s Dead or Alive: Saloon?

The return to player (RTP) rate for this live game is 97.02%, which is quite attractive for a live casino game.

What is special about the Dead Or Alive Saloon game?

This is a very high volatility game, offering the possibility of winning up to 500,000 euros. In addition, with a return to player rate (RTP) of 97.02%, it is within the average of other live games offered by the Evolution provider. This RTP was established based on a card played with the minimum bet.

What is the aim of the game Dead Or Alive Saloon?

To win the game, you have to guess which standard card the dealer will draw.

Can you win a jackpot on Dead or Alive Saloon?

Yes, during a game, you can win up to €500,000.

Is Dead or Alive Saloon broadcast live or delayed?

Dead or Alive Saloon is broadcast live from Evolution Studios. You can easily check this by asking the dealer a question via the in-game chat.

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