Double Wheel Castor

Authentic Double Wheel Castor

Roulette is an iconic casino game that has been attracting more and more online gamblers in recent years. Eager to satisfy these players, more and more publishers offer more or less revisited versions of the game, adding here and there a little more spice to the classic roulette game. One of these publishers has a rather well done version of his own, with just the right amount of excitement. It is Authentic Gaming and its Authentic Roulette Double Wheel.

Presentation of the game

Authentic Roulette Double Wheel is perfect for players looking for excitement and big wins. As you can guess from the name, this roulette game is played on two wheels simultaneously, hence the “Double Wheel”.

This feature is made possible by the presence of two wheels, each equipped with its own game interface. The editor’s layout ensures that the game is always easy to navigate. Obviously, the interface includes the “classic” additions of this kind of game without losing any points in user experience.

Live action is provided from the tables at the Saint-Vincent Resort and Casino in Italy. At the moment of the prestigious image of the hotel, the quality of the live is optimal. The player can follow the game as well as if he were there.

Specificities of the Authentic Roulette Double Wheel

As we saw earlier, the major feature of this roulette game is the existence of two wheels. When playing Authentic Roulette Double Wheel, you can watch a game being played on two wheels at the same time. However, the decision to bet on one roulette wheel or another, or even both, remains with the player.

The rules that apply are those of American roulette. Considered to be quite disadvantageous because of the presence of the 00 box, this American roulette has other strong points. Indeed, its payout ratio, or the percentage of bets that go back to the players is quite appreciable since it stands at 97.30%. Among the roulette games, the rate of this variant from Authentic Gaming is very advantageous. In addition, there are some interesting features surrounding the possible winnings: for example, by betting on a single number, a player could win up to 36 times his bet. In case of a big bet, the jackpot is not impossible.

Opening hours and range of bets

The Authentic Roulette Double Wheel tables are broadcasted directly from its location in Italy, at the Casino Saint-Vincent. The opening hours of the online tables therefore obey the opening hours of its host casino. This means that the Authentic Roulette Double Wheel is only available from 4pm and closes at 3am.

Participating fully in the same way as the players present at the Saint-Vincent, the players of Authentic Roulette Double Wheel can start their bet at 0,2 euro. However, bets on single numbers are limited to €25. For side bets, this limit can be greatly exceeded to reach 500 euros.

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