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Dragon King GameArt slot machine review

You have to love adventure to enjoy gambling. However, the developers keep looking for new concepts over the years to please the players. Those who love slot machines will be delighted to discover Dragon King. Launched by GameArt, Dragon King is a game set in a fairly ancient setting and everything is set in a Chinese theme. A little trip in time and space awaits the participants in this adventure and many rewards will be to win. With a neat design and easy-to-understand rules, Dragon King is sure to please many slot machine fans.

To increase your chances of winning with Dragon King, it’s a good idea to learn more about the game and its features before you get started. Basically, the game consists of 5 reels, 3 rows and 50 paylines.

What is the Dragon King slot machine like?

Dragon King has features similar to those of Dancing Lions, another GameArt product. Indeed, it will not be difficult to play Dragon King for those who are familiar with the games that have been launched by the developer before.

A landscape representing the beauty of Chinese mountains at sunset can be seen in the background. You will also see, on both sides, typical Chinese buildings. The atmosphere is neither too noisy nor too quiet, allowing you to concentrate well during the games.

How to play?

The same basic slot machine rules apply to Dragon King. You must therefore know them to put all the chances on your side.

There is nothing complicated about the game interface. Dragon King has five reels with four symbols each. Bettors have 50 fixed paylines at their disposal. The arrow at the bottom of the screen allows participants to adjust their bet. And once you press the green button marked “Spin”, your bets will be validated and the reels will start spinning. Afterwards, you can increase your bet without being allowed to change the number of paylines. Since the main goal is to come up with as many winning combinations as possible, it is important to concentrate and think before betting.

Winning the main game opens up a mini-game that can earn you double your winnings. To win, you must find the color of a rotating virtual card. However, it should be noted that one mistake will be fatal as you will leave empty-handed. In addition, GameArt has also made the Autoplay feature available to those who want to try the autopilot mode, find out more about GameArt’s other free slot machines.

Symbols to consider

For Dragon King, GameArt opted for a decoration dominated by red and gold. You may see several symbols during a game. The first symbols pay little compared to the others. The developer was inspired by the icons of card games, and decided to use the number 9 to the Ace. To make up for the fact that they are not very valuable, the first symbols appear frequently on the reels. The payouts are much more enticing with the gold symbols, which are the fish, frog, turtle and crown.

Some of the symbols used in Dragon King can make you rich in no time. The closest example is the Dragon who is the joker of the game. You will win a Dragon King jackpot if you are lucky enough and the screen displays five dragons in a row. The pierced coin acts as the game’s scatter, it also allows you to enjoy several other rewards during a game, such as free spins.

dragon king game art


For the Chinese, the Dragon is a creature that symbolizes power and wisdom. Their faith pushes them to venerate this character and to invoke him during their prayer session. The Dragon is, according to them, a sacred creature. Chinese beliefs are reflected in the Dragon King game through the use of many symbols which each have their own meaning. It remains to be hoped that luck smiles on all those who decide to play.

Dragon King Slot Frequently Asked Questions

โค๏ธ What jackpot can you expect with the Dragon King slot machine?

๐ŸŽฏ What is the RTP of the Dragon King?

The Dragon King’s player payout rate is close to 96%.

๐Ÿ‰ How do you get free spins?

Free spins are frequently obtained by series of 5 spins

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