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Review of the Baccarat variant, Dragon Tiger from Vivo Gaming

Dragon Tiger, long considered a variant of baccarat, entered the world of online gaming a few years ago. The most avid casino gamers know very well that the table layout is the only major difference between Baccarat and Dragon Tiger. Over the years, the title has really become a game in its own right. More and more retailers are now offering it in addition to baccarat and many other games like blackjack and roulette.

Vivo Gaming has made a name for itself with its ability to blend new technologies and traditional basics into one game. The team has proven itself again by launching also the Dragon Tiger title where the decor of the game environment is a perfect result of a combination of modernity and traditional atmosphere.

History of the Dragon Tiger baccarat variant

Dragon Tiger is a game that originated in Cambodia and has made its way into Asian casinos. Western retailers also adopted it a few years later. The concept has won over so many players that Dragon Tiger has become one of the most popular casino games, both online and in real casinos.

Vivo Gaming’s Dragon Tiger owes much of its success to its simplicity. Indeed, it is a title suitable for everyone, as the rules are generally easy to understand. This is one of the few 52-card games where the player does not face the dealer. You only need to concentrate for a few seconds to get the hang of the game, as the games move quite quickly. The modern touch that has won the hearts of many players around the world is the ability to view the history of recent games. This allows them to think carefully before making choices.

How to play Dragon Tiger by Vivo Gaming?

A game of Dragon Tiger begins with the wagering period. Players will have to choose beforehand the amount to be placed on the betting table, respecting the minimum of â‚Ŧ2 and the maximum of â‚Ŧ500. They will also have to choose between the three betting options: tie, tiger and dragon. Once they have made their choice, they will have to bet using the chips offered in the game.

When all participants have finished placing their bets, the dealer will start drawing cards. The Dragon pile and the Tiger pile will alternately hold a card. You must remember that the lowest card in the deck is the Ace and the highest is the King. The other cards keep their usual value. The pile that receives the highest card will be the winner. There may be a tie in Dragon Tiger. In this case, the 50% of the value of the bet will be lost. Awards will be given to the winners at the end of each game.

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The advantages of playing this game

Vivo Gaming ‘s Dragon Tiger is a game that has many advantages, including the ability to change the viewing mode during a game. Players can also withdraw and cancel orders if they are not yet convinced of their choice of bets.

The developer helps them decide by allowing them to view statistics and by putting up-to-date information about the game’s progress at the bottom of the screen. And to make the game more human, Vivo Gaming decided to add the Tip Dealer option that allows players to easily communicate with the dealer.

Other features of Vivo Gaming’s Dragon Tiger

Vivo Gaming has used very modern elements in the design of this new title. This is what made Dragon Tiger a game that is accessible from any device 24/7. The tables are available in 26 languages. Players are free to choose the language they are familiar with. The icing on the cake is the studio concept which is fully customizable with Chroma Key Broadcasting.

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