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Discovering Lucky Streak’s Dual Play Roulette

Having entered the live game production market seven years ago, Lucky Streak is now one of the major players in this field. The developer has made a name for himself by offering games with very modern and attractive features. The online games that Lucky Streak has launched so far are super accessible, so they are available on mobile as well as on computer, and meet the expectations of both amateurs and great players. Still growing, Lucky Streak is trying to expand its game collection year after year.

Lucky Streat selects products for launch based on gaming trends. Even in the field of live game design, customers are still king. The idea is to offer games that will be beneficial for both the bettors and the developer. On the one hand, players will be able to get rich and have fun at the same time, and on the other hand, Lucky Streak will attract more customers.

A new version of the roulette game, launched by this provider, appeared a short time ago. This is Dual Play Roulette, as the name already suggests, it is a double play live roulette table. The game offers new and more modern features than its counterparts. Many people will be tempted by this variant of the roulette game whose rules are easy to understand.

lucky streak dual play roulette

About Dual play Roulette

Those who are used to online roulette games will immediately understand how Dual Play Roulette works. Like many other live games, the games are filmed in a specially designed studio to create an authentic casino experience. The gaming environment will give players the feeling of playing in a real casino and they can sit right next to players sitting in a land-based casino.

For the enjoyment of bettors, LuckyStreak has added many fun features to Dual Play Roulette. Instant messaging is one of them. This feature is designed to facilitate exchanges between players and dealers. The game has nothing to envy to its counterparts.

How the game is played

Dual Play Roulette is generally easy to understand. A game of Dual Play Roulette is played exactly like a regular roulette game. The game has 37 boxes numbered from 0 to 36. The objective of the game is to predict the winning number, or the number where the ball will land. Players can bet on multiple numbers at the same time. The lucky ones will see the ball fall right in the square they bet with.

The dealer will guide the players during the games. They will have to bet using the different chips offered by the house. They are free to choose the amount they want to invest. However, you should be aware of the betting limits and the betting time to avoid making mistakes. As long as the betting time has not yet expired, bettors can still adjust their bets. The dealer will spin the wheel once the betting period is over.

Game environment

Live game enthusiasts place a lot of importance on the visual aspect. Dual Play Roulette is not likely to disappoint, given the calm game setting and breathtaking scenery. The atmosphere during the games will allow the players to concentrate more on the game. Even casual gamblers will be tempted to play in this attractive environment.

Gold and purple dominate the room’s decor. To add more originality to the game, the developer has chosen to use a physical table that only the dealer can use during a game. Bettors will use the user interface to place their bets. They can access the menus at the top or bottom of the screen at any time.

dual play roulette

Some things to consider about the double deck roulette

Lucky Streak relied on the design of the game to attract more players. The layout of the tables and the arrangement of the decorative elements were done in such a way as not to overload the screen. The quality of the images and the video flow are also impeccable thanks to the use of HD cameras. Players will see in detail everything that happens in the studio.

Lucky Streak has decided to add new features to this new variant of roulette. One feature that particularly arouses players’ curiosity is the possibility of accessing statistics before placing a bet. The software records the details of the last 100 laps. Bettors can then consult them before making decisions.

The game has several types of bets that players can choose from. In addition to the main bet, Lucky Streak offers various other side bets such as Third Cylinder, Neighbors to Zero, Corners and Orphans. Just make sure you know the specifics of each type of bet, namely the limits and payout. Whoever has the most information will always have the best chance of winning.

As mentioned above, Lucky Streak Live Roulette can be played on multiple devices. These devices include mobiles, tablets and desktops. The desktop game interface will give you the chance to experience the game on a whole new level. As such, Lucky Streak has ensured that the game remains as authentic and accessible as possible.

🕵 DUAL PLAY Roulette “Lucky Streak” Frequently Asked Questions

🍀 How to best play DUAL PLAY Roulette?

roulette à double jeu

The best tip, however, is to take the time to understand the flow of the game while trying to find out what there is to know about the new features. It is also advisable to analyze the different possibilities by looking at the history before betting. Thus, you will already discover the cold and hot numbers. This can help you better manage your seed money. You may limit the losses 👉 Discover the Dual Play Roulette Table

🎯 What are the betting limits on the DUAL PLAY roulette table?

The limits are very large and huge, completely suitable for high rollers, as the minimum bet is £0.5 on full numbers and can be as high as £1,500 at some of LuckyStreak’s major online casino partners.

✅ What is the RTP player return rate of the Dual Play Roulette table?

It is close to 97.3 % because it is a European roulette with 1 zero

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