Extra casino tournament

Loyalty Reward Casino Extra Promotion

Take your Fridays to the next level

Take advantage of this bonus every Friday, throughout the month of September!

The exclusive Loyalty Reward invites you to experience SkyLounge Roulette Royale , where excitement and rewards come together.

  • When: 01.09.2023 10:00 CET – 29.09.2023 23:59 CET
  • Mission: Join the action by playing over 100 rounds in SkyLounge Roulette Royale , betting at least €2 per bet. Your reward? An instant bonus of €10 to enjoy your weekend in style!
  • Price: €10
  • Qualifying Games: SkyLounge Roulette Royale
  • The Guaranteed Loyalty Reward Tournament takes place between 01.09.2023 and 29.09.2023
  • Participating games are: SkyLounge Roulette Royale
  • Bet amounts on winning spins will be converted into points and shown on this page.
  • There is a €1 minimum wager required for this promotion.
  • Winners will be officially declared at the end of the period and prizes will be paid out within 72 hours.
  • Prizes come with a 1x wagering requirement.
  • Accounts that are closed at the time the promotion ends will not be paid.
  • Minimum risk bets are not permitted, which includes (but is not limited to) playing red and black at the same time in roulette. If a player uses minimum risk bets to increase their number in the tournament, the player in question will be disqualified at the end of the promotion period and will not receive any prizes under the promotion, regardless of what is stated on the ranking.
  • Only real money bets count.
  • Points are earned as follows: Join the action by playing over 100 rounds in SkyLounge Roulette Royale , wagering at least €2 per bet. Your reward? An instant bonus of €10 to enjoy your weekend in style! .
  • We further reserve the right to void scores or not pay a prize if, in our opinion, all or part of the score was the result of cheating or collusion with other players.
  • We reserve the right to modify or cancel the campaign at any time.

Let’s dive into the world of online gaming with SkyLounge Roulette Royale

A Sumptuous Studio for SkyLounge Roulette Royale The first thing to note is the undeniable elegance of the studio from which SkyLounge Roulette Royale is broadcast. The space is adorned with wood-clad walls and refined blue carpet. At the heart of this room, the roulette table stands out, surrounded by others dedicated to blackjack, immersing the player in a thrilling atmosphere reminiscent of a real casino. The croupiers, embodied and competent, add a touch of authenticity.

Thanks to Evolution software, SkyLounge Roulette Royale is captured by several advanced cameras, ensuring excellent image quality. Various angles, from wide shots to zooms on the cylinder, allow you to experience the key moments of each game, amplifying the excitement of the game.

Play with the Traditional Rules at SkyLounge Roulette Royale Sitting at the SkyLounge Roulette Royale table means immersing yourself in the timeless rules of this iconic game. The objective remains to anticipate the winning number announced by the positioning of the ball.

The bets offered are varied, starting at €0.50:

  • Full number: maximum bet of €500 with a gain of 35 times the bet,
  • On horseback: up to €1,000 for a gain of 17 times,
  • Transverse: up to €1,500 for 11 times the stake,
  • Square: up to €2,000 for 8 times the bet,
  • Sixain: up to €3,000 for 5 times,
  • Column and dozen: up to €6,000 to double the bet,
  • Simple chances: max bet of €10,000 for a return equivalent to the bet.