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In recent times, live casino games are starting to grow all over the world. But, they have been very successful especially in Asia, which is a country with a long history of gaming. As a result, this continent has a multitude of games that Western gamers are not yet familiar with.

One of these games is Fan Tan, a Chinese game created in the 3rd century. But to make it known to everyone, the provider Evolution Gaming decided to offer this game in a live version called Fan Tan Live. To learn more about this innovative game, follow this detailed review.

What is Fan Tan Live like?

Evolution Gaming has gone to great lengths to study the Old Continent of Asia to draw inspiration for the creation of Fan Tan Live. The latter is inspired by the Chinese game of chance of the same name and was created a long time ago. However, the rules and operation of the live dealer game have some differences from the original game. This is a multiplayer game.

On the game screen, there is no possibility to see the other players. You will only see the host and the beads. As Fan Tan Live offers an ergonomic interface, it is easy to use even for a novice in live casino gaming.

At the bottom of the screen are the buttons that give access to the game. At the top right are the options that allow you to change the volume level, switch to full screen mode and change some settings.

Fan Tan Live is purely a game of chance and is played with a number of white beads spread out on a table. The games are animated by a croupier dressed in a red dress and it is she who delicately handles all the elements contained in the game.

Fan Tan Live Features

  • Live game from Evolution Gaming (Riga Studio -Latvia)
  • Bets: minimum €0.2 to maximum €10,000
  • Operation : 24/24
  • Frequency: 1 draw every 65 seconds
  • Betting time: About 15 seconds
  • Statistics of the last 500 prints
  • Player redistribution rate “RTP”: from 96 to 98.75%.
  • Number of players per table: 8 max

Bets to consider in Fan Tan Live

Each game is triggered by a bidding round. The objective in this game is to guess the number of marbles that will remain in the final line.
However, several bets are in place:

  • Fan: this type of betting allows players to choose a winning number
  • Nim: this bet has the same operation as the Fan bet. But it is for two numbers while only one number is a winner. For example, if you bet on the 1 Nim 3 bet, this bet becomes a winner if there is a pearl left at the end. But in case there are 3 beads left, a push will take place and the game will refund your initial bet. This type of bet pays 1.9:1 when won.
  • Kwock: This kind of bets covers two numbers, that is, two numbers are winning. The Kwock 2-3 bet, for example, awards you a win if the number of beads remaining is 2 or 3. Kwock bets pay 0.95:1.
  • Sheh-sam-song abbreviated as SSH is a bet that allows you to play three numbers. These are considered winning numbers. SSH bets pay 0.316667:1.
  • Big/Small allows players to access 2 traditional side bets. This option allows you to make a bet if the final number of balls is small (1 or 2) or large (3 or 4).
  • Odd/Even: This bet is based on checking the last line of beads as an odd or even number. Odd allows you to win if you have 1 or 3 beads and Even wins if you draw 2 or 4.

The two side bets cover 2 numbers and pay 0.95:1.

How to play Fan Tan Live?

To bet on a certain bet, it is important to choose a coin value and place it on the desired bet. When the time is up, the game moves on to the next stage.

The croupier uses a special stick to accumulate the beads in the same place. These are stored under a glass dome, the place where they are shaken. The host then separates a random number of beads using a metal cup. These beads will be placed on a table and the facilitator will once again use the stick. Afterwards, the separated beads are grouped four by four and lined up until the last line of beads remains.

At this stage, players can see how many pearls are left and if the bet has correctly predicted the right number, the round is won. At this point, the game is over and the dealer pushes all the balls back into the glass dome.

Fan Tan Live Game Verdict

Evolution Gaming’s Fan Tan Live title brings a new and original experience in terms of live dealer casino games. It’s also a fairly generous title that approves high stakes in order to hit big payouts. This game also provides a premium betting event with a real live hostess.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions “Fan Tan Live Evolution”

✔️ What is the Fan Tan Live game?

Fan Tan Live principle: each player plays against the casino! The croupier uses groups of 4 beads, the goal of this game is to predict the number of beads that will remain in the last selected group. This game is based on chance and is released by Evolution Gaming in September 2021

🎁What is the player redistribution rate for Fan Tan Live?

The RTP is between 96% and 98.75%, which makes this game very attractive financially, the rate of return is more advantageous to that of European roulette around 97%.

❤️Can we play mobile crypto currency on Fan Tan Live?

yes, the game is in HTML5 compatible for smartphone or tablet supports, some online casinos offer betting in crypto currencies

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