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fortune wheel ebet Fortune Wheel Live Review

The games offered by virtual casinos are more and more numerous these days. Providers are trying to diversify their offerings to attract more customers. The great classics, such as the Ferris wheel, have maintained their popularity even though new games have appeared over the years.

Many developers also decide to offer new versions of games that already existed in land-based casinos. This is particularly the case of which chose to launch its famous Fortune Wheel Live inspired by the Ferris wheel. This new version is exactly the same as the “Ferris wheel”, a casino staple that is not very different from similar games found in carnivals or TV games.

The concept is simple: you guess where the wheel will stop, and if you are right, you win a prize. The only big difference is that Fortune Wheel Live is an online game, as the name already suggests. This is definitely a more modern and accessible version.

Fortune Wheel Live is a game that anyone can play because the rules are so easy to understand. With this live version offered by, Ferris wheel fans will have the opportunity to discover a new experience.

What is Fortune Wheel Live like?

Fortune Wheel Live is filmed from one of the studios. The developer has put a lot of effort into the decoration of the studio and the layout of the menu on the screen to take the punters into a beautiful visual experience. The general atmosphere is not unlike that of a real casino. This way, those who are playing live games for the first time will not feel too unfamiliar.

Upon launching the game, you’ll immediately see that eBet. com’s Fortune Wheel Live has many fun features, including instant messaging. The developer decided to offer the participants the possibility to talk to each other or to contact the dealer, which gives the game a more human touch.

How is the game going?

Fortune Wheel Live is a game with very easy to learn rules. You just have to concentrate during the game. Participants should expect to see a dealer who will be in charge of running the games. At the beginning of a game, players will place their wagers on the betting table. Participants are completely free to choose the sections they want to bet on. The dealer will then spin the wheel. The results will be displayed directly on the screen at the end of the game. The lucky ones will then leave with their winnings.

How to play this title?

Fortune Wheel Live from is a game that uses a large wheel with eighteen segments numbered from 1 to 18 and one segment with only one color. Once the game is loaded, you will immediately see that the wheel is divided into three colors. Red, black and gray each cover six sections of the wheel.

At the start of each Fortune Wheel Live game, participants are asked to place their wagers using the betting slip. They only have a few seconds of wagering time. Bettors will not get lost since the different betting options are directly displayed on the screen.


Fortune Wheel Live is a game with low payouts. Players will be able to choose between several betting options with this version of the Ferris wheel offered by Those who enjoy the thrill of the game can walk away with big bucks. You just have to be bold. Bets on numbers are, for example, paid 18:1. You just have to dare to bet on a specific number.

One possibility that will surely minimize losses is to bet loosely by setting an interval. Players can, for example, predict that the wheel pointer will stop between 9 and 10. This is an option that pays less, but the player has a better chance of winning.