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Funky Time Live is a brand new creation from Evolution Gaming, presented as the long-awaited sequel to the famous game “Crazy Time”. This game offers punters a casino experience that is both unique and entertaining thanks to the presence of live dealers, Lottery-style play and Game Show TV .

Immerse yourself in a retro epic from the 1970s with an impressive and particularly successful disco theme. Whether you are a new or seasoned gamer, Funky Time Live is designed to ensure optimal entertainment with the expertise of Evolution Gaming. In this review, we will guide you through a detailed exploration to ensure you get the most out of the Funky Time Live experience.

How to play Funky Time?

Funky Time is entertainment that takes place on a Ferris wheel. The dealer spins the wheel and participants are required to bet on the results. A round is unique and short, it is accessible even to beginner players. The work consists in principle of predicting where the pointer will stop. To do this, you just need to choose the stake and select the bets to make. The Ferris wheel is divided into 64 squares and the more one type of segment appears, the greater the chance of winning.

There are three betting categories available in Funky Time:

  • Bet on the Number: The basis of the game is based on the 28 segments marked with a β€œ1”. A bet on one of these segments pays out 1:1.
  • Bet on the Letters: The words PLAY, FUNK and TIME appear twice each on the wheel. By betting on one of these letters (like U), you can get a payout of 25:1 if the pointer lands on the chosen letter. This type of bet is simple and offers a fixed payout.
  • Bonus Games: In addition to the basic bets, Funky Time offers four bonus mini-games: Bar, Stayin’ Alive, Disco and VIP Disco, each with its own specific rules.
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Funky Times and bonus games

In order to participate in a Funky Time bonus game, you must bet on one or more bets in the bonus game. If the wheel stops on the corresponding square, the mini game begins for the bettors who have made the correct bet.

The bar is displayed in six segments. You must choose one of three glasses filled with multipliers. A robot is responsible for pouring drinks in order to define the multiplier amounts for each glass. Just hope you have chosen a generous glass. Also, a single reel slot machine will spin on the robot and randomly award another multiplier.

Stayin’ Alive appears twice on the wheel. This is a relatively complex game inspired by bingo. Your duty is to choose a color corresponding to your team, and watch the 3 colored balls grow on a multiplier scale. A ball-shooting machine determines whether the ball’s multiplier advances or not. A drawn black ball results in the loss of a life, and three lost lives result in the end of the session.

Disco appears in 3 segments. The dealer spins a mini wheel to determine which direction Mr. Funky will take, collecting multipliers along the way. The game ends when he falls off the ground.

VIP Disco is similar to Disco but with bigger payouts. He only appears in one segment.

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Funky Time Live Stats

The symbols Number of boxes Output percentage Estimated Odds
Number 12843.75%High
Letter of the word PLAY812.5%Average
Letter of the word FUNK812.5%Average
Letter of the word TIME812.5%Average
VIP DISCO11.5625%Low

Special features of the game

The magnificent studio is undoubtedly the most striking attraction of Funky Time. It is obvious that a considerable amount of time and energy was invested in creating this product. The theme, the characters, and the overall atmosphere of the studio are simply remarkable.

Funky Time comes with Evolution Gaming ‘s full suite of quality of life features, including, a setup menu, betting histories and results.

Note that the available Funky Time live table is presented in English. However, the game text can be changed to English, Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish, Swedish, Thai and Turkish.

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πŸ™‹ Frequently Asked Questions Funky Time Live

What is Funky Time Live

funky time live

This is a live wheel of fortune from Evolution software released in May 2023, it is the sequel to Crazy Time. The game features a totally different style with new bonus rounds.

What is the minimum bet in Funky Time?

The minimum bet in the game is 10 cents, while the maximum bet can reach $1,000 or more, depending on the site.

Are there any strategies for playing Funky Time?

Like most casino games, there is no guaranteed winning strategy for Funky Time. The game relies on luck and the outcome is determined by a random number generator. However, by adopting a wise betting strategy and knowing the odds of each bet, you can increase your chances of winning.

What are the chances of winning at Funky Time?

The chances of winning at Funky Time vary depending on the bet you make. The highest odds are for number 1, with a 43.75% chance of winning. The lowest odds are for the VIP Disco bonus with a winning probability of 1.56%.

What is the return to player (RTP) percentage for Funky Time?

The return to player (RTP) percentage for Funky Time is around 95.99%, which is fair compared to other online casino games.

Is Funky Time fair game?

Yes, Funky Time is fair game. It is developed by Evolution Gaming, a renowned software provider, and the game is regularly reviewed by independent testing agencies for its reliability and randomness.

How long does a round of Funky Time last?

A round of Funky Time typically lasts around 45 seconds, depending on the spin speed of the wheel and the end of the bonus round.


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