Grand Jackpot Just a Bingo

Zoom in on Just a Bingo, a slot machine from Belatra Games

In online casinos, you will often see slot games, roulette, poker, etc. However, millions of bets are made in video slots, thousands of transactions are made to give poker lovers winnings and let’s not forget the large number of balls that fall on red in video roulette. But to find something rare and original, an online game publisher offers a bingo game called Just a Bingo. This new product from Belatra Games presents a colorful and elegant game made in the best traditions of bingo games. This version has no drums or cards, only balls and numbers, lots of numbers.

If you are already familiar with Belatra Games products, you won’t be surprised to see that Just a Bingo is available in different languages. This title has been translated into 11 world languages so that every citizen of the planet can enjoy it. The Wheel of Fortune super jackpot is also there to win big, and is one of the features that make up the highlights of this game.

Rules of the game

The rules of Just a Bingo are simple and easy to understand from the first few seconds. To launch the random number generator, press the “start” button. However, 30 balls with numbers are put into play. Each number is unique and cannot be repeated.

After the main game, the player can be invited to buy an additional ball for a certain cost that is already displayed on the screen. You can buy any number of balls, but you can also refuse to buy and collect winnings. Sometimes the participant receives a Magic Ball that allows him to choose a number that can create a winning combination.

More details about the game

When Just a Bingo is loaded, you have 4 game cards with random numbers between 1 and 60. You can deselect any of them by clicking on the cross at the top right. But remember, the more cards you have, the higher the stakes and the greater the chance of winning. Once you are satisfied with your game settings, you can click the start button which will launch the first 30 balls. All numbers that match your cards will be automatically crossed out. In some cases, up to 13 extra balls can be released for additional bets. As for the auto start button, it allows you to set up to 100 automatic games.

In the upper right corner there are buttons that allow you to select the betting game, change the language, turn on or off the sounds and open the game in full screen mode. Also note that all these settings can be made from the 3-line button that displays the paylines, paytable and game operation. Just a Bingo is also playable for free in demo mode.

Wheel of Fortune, the super jackpot available in Just a Bingo

Wheel of Fortune is a type of jackpot developed by Belatra Games. It concerns a bonus for each player that allows him to win a huge additional prize. Simply play Just a Bingo and collect points for each round. The higher the bet, the greater the bonus points awarded. Accumulating 2,000 points gives you the opportunity to automatically enter a two-stage jackpot draw. The main reward on the first Wheel of Fortune will be access to a larger one that features the grand jackpot prize draw.

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