Jackpot Da Vinci Codex

jackpot da vinci codex

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Da Vinci Codex slot machine review

Go on an adventure into the dark and mysterious world of Leonardo da Vinci’s greatest inventions. You are required to unlock the “cryptex” to obtain an elusive secret code leading you to win big prizes in the Da Vinci Codex slot machine. This game is created by GameArt and features 5 reels and 100 paylines offering numerous prizes thanks to the special symbols that represent the renaissance era in Italy.

If you manage to line up the letters VINCI and you manage to spell them Vinci on a win line, you enter the bonus feature that allows you to unlock the cryptex and get 6 free spins. So right away if you are interested in this slot machine, try your luck by following this review first.

What is the game like with Jackpot Da Vinci Codex?

The Da Vinci Codex slot game is set during the Italian Renaissance, a time of great scientific discoveries and when the arts also flourished. In this case, this game adopts a conservative and simple style. The rolls are presented under a golden frame displayed on a dark red background. The colors used are both bright and warm for a dynamic atmosphere.

However, the graphics are less impressive than they appear. As for the soundtrack, Da Vinci Codex sticks to basic sound effects instead of opting for some kind of background music. Overall, this GameArt game sets the bar high in terms of game world, but it doesn’t really measure up in terms of actual design.

How is the Da Vinci codex game played?

The developers of this game made sure to place the participants in a familiar universe by creating a simple and easy gameplay that leaves a huge chance to win big prizes.

Da Vinci Codex has a slightly larger game configuration than we usually see, it has 5 reels with 4 symbols each and 100 fixed paylines. The player must bet on all of these win lines each round. To adjust the bet size, use the control arrows at the bottom of the screen. When finished, press “spin”, the green button that will spin the reels.

Every winning formation that appears on the paylines earns a cash prize that you can double with an extra mini-game available after each win. This one is about a guess, you have to predict the right color of a face down card to multiply your prize x 2. But, a wrong answer will take away all your rewards.

You can also opt for the automatic playback mode to engage a set number of laps. The reels will spin freely and your wins and losses will also be recorded automatically. When using this function, you can return to the normal game mode whenever you want.

What are the symbols in the Da Vinci codex slot machine?

Basic symbols

In this slot machine we have 11 basic symbols in total, which is a lot compared to other video slots. The first half of these icons are standard playing card symbols from 9 to King. These symbols are of low value and are displayed very often on the reels. Things get more exciting with the artifact symbols associated with Leonardo’s works.

However, you have compasses, chalices, Masonic and Illuminati seals, rings and of course the Mona Lisa. Winning combinations with these symbols pay much more than combos with card symbols.

Special symbols

The famous image of a circled man represents the Scatter symbol, which can activate cash winnings regardless of its position on the screen. As for the Wild, it is represented by the red seal and can replace all the basic symbols to easily obtain winning combos. But the most original feature of Da Vinci Codex lies in the symbols of VINCI letters.

If you have these letters lined up horizontally and can spell VINCI, you will receive 6 free spins. Then the letters will turn into a wild and stay in place during the bonus round to maximize your chances of winning.

πŸ™‹ Frequently Asked Questions Jackpot Da Vinci Codex

🎯 What is the RTP of the Da Vinci Codex slot machine?

davinci codex slot

The player payout rate of the is close to 96.5%.

❀️ What jackpot can we expect with the Da Vinci Codex slot machine?

A small jackpot of 2000 coins >> Discover Da Vinci Codex

πŸ‰ How do you get free spins on the Da Vinci Codex?

Free spins are frequently obtained in sets of 15 spins

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