Jackpot Good Girl Bad Girl

jackpot good girl bad girl

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Good Girl Bad Girl : Betsoft’s bonus slot

Jackpot Good Girl Bad Girl is a slot machine, the result of the creativity and imagination of the Betsoft Gaming teams. In this game you will find unique features developed by the supplier. The mechanics of the games are still at the heart of the English studio’s one-armed bandits. We’ll see in this Good Girl Bad Girl review what this gem has to offer.

This casino game is a 3D slot from Betsoft that offers a choice between good and evil, or both at the same time.

In this slot machine, the left side is the good side and the other side on the right is the bad side. The one on the left is represented by an angel while the one on the right is represented by a she-devil. You have the option of betting on the right side, the wrong side or both. And when you bet for both, your minimum bet will be bigger.

Good Girl, Bad Girl, a true wonder machine

Good Girl Bad Girl is a slot machine like any other, but in this online casino world, it is beautiful and stunning. First, the theme is original, it was designed in the new generations of slot. This story of choosing between good and evil remains an origin of many religions, histories, arts, etc. The idea of this game immerses you entirely in a fun with a side of angel and another of devil.

We are entitled to 2 female characters as indicated in the title. These characters represent a feature of an angel and another a little imp and imp. As far as graphics are concerned, the slot is simply magnificent.

As we are in a 3D slot machine, the animations are fluid and numerous, they are really breathtaking. How you choose between the angel and the imp will definitely change your experience. The background music plunges you into a world of heaven and hell. The flame of hell and the Dantean hoot are present to share your path where your choice will win. On each side of the screen, the two characters look at you and will govern according to your choices.

Features of Good Girl, Bad Girl

In terms of technical features, Betsoft Gaming ‘s Good girl bad girl has something to delight both the more experienced slot player and the newbie:

  • Rolls : 5
  • Paylines: 15 paylines
  • Features: Progressive Jackpot, Bonus Games, Jokers, Multiplier, Scatter Symbol, Free Spins
  • Minimum bet: 0.04 €.
  • Maximum Stake: €150
  • Redistribution rate: 96.2

The principle of this game is particularly based on the duality between angel and devil or good and evil. When you choose the right side of the force, you will earn less. But with karma, the dark side will allow you to get rarer and more consequent gains.

In the middle of the slot you have under the 5 reels, a lever that allows you to select between Angel and Demon or to stay in neutral. Each camp offers different animations with different winning possibilities.

The ‘Double Up’ feature is a classic from the provider: you’ll have the ability to put your winnings back into play in the next game with multipliers that activate for winnings that are set to become big jackpots. The bonuses also take place.

This is a very generous slot with 3 bonus games. The Silver Wheel bonus makes you fly in the Garden of Eden or burn in Hell. Players can win “Free Spins” for a flurry of wins. The “pick em” bonus allows both sides to meet. However, the halo and the fork that meet.

Cards should be selected according to the intensity of the flame. If the flame is small, the gain is great, but it becomes risky with the possibility of losing the bonus game. If so, your fall will be accompanied by an evil laugh.

Slot Machine Reviews

The “good” side of this slot rewards more often, but the payouts are smaller. The “bad” side rarely rewards, but with big payoffs.

Good Girl Bad Girl features Wilds symbols that are represented with forks – rings and substitute for other logos, multipliers, a Click Me bonus, a Double Up feature and a jackpot for each side. Your bet can be between 30 cents and €150. For each side, it offers 5 reels, 3 rows and 30 lines.

The “Money Weels” wheel gives you a chance to hit the jackpot by landing 3 symbols.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions “Jackpot Good Girl Bad Girl”

Why play Betsoft’s Good Girl Bad Girl slot?

This“Good Girl Bad Girl” machine offers a range of bonuses such as: Progressive Jackpot, Bonus Games, Jokers, Multiplier, Scatter Symbol, Free Spins with a payout rate: 96.2%.

What other jackpot games does betsoft offer?

🎰 Which casinos offer the “Good Girl Bad Girl” Jackpot?

Betsoft is very selective, working with serious casinos including: Bitcasino, Betcoin, Dublinbet, Casino Extra, Fatboss, Lucky 31, Cresus Casino, Lucky 8, Vegas Plus, Ma Chance, Unique

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