Golden Star Grand Trophy Jackpots

Golden Star exclusive jackpots: Grand Trophy promotion

Golden Star has developed an in-house jackpot system for players who are looking for stellar gaming experiences.

Now you have the chance to win Mini, Medium or Prime jackpots.

The principle of these Jackpots:

Prizes have separate prize pools. Once the minimum mark is reached, the draw begins. A progressive jackpot will be credited to a random player before the prize pool is exceeded.

It doesn’t matter which games you bet on.

Bet at least €1. If the stars align, you will win the prize. And you can simply cash it after receipt.

It’s that simple. Golden Star jackpot winners can thank their lucky stars. Prizes have no wagering requirements or additional fees.

Aim for the stars!

TRY TO CATCH A STAR HOW TO WIN THE JACKPOT? PLAY ANYTHING All games are qualified BE ONLINE Make bets of at least €1 MAKE A FORTUNE Every bet can be the winner

Golden Star Casino lights up the online gaming world with its attractive jackpot system

Designed for those who aim for playful heights. In this universe, every player has the opportunity to land heavenly winnings through three types of jackpots: Mini, Medium or Prime, each offering a thrilling adventure and the chance to win big.

Mini Jackpot : The gateway to the stars, the Mini jackpot is perfect for those just starting out or looking to win more frequently. Although more accessible, it can turn a modest bet into a surprise win that adds a touch of excitement to the usual gaming experience.

Medium Jackpot : For players looking to increase the stakes, the Medium jackpot offers an intermediate jackpot. It’s the ideal happy medium for those who have already experienced the thrill of the Mini and are ready to take it up a notch in the quest for star-studded wins.

Jackpot Prime : The pinnacle of Olympus at Golden Star, Jackpot Prime is the ultimate quest for ambitious players. With a substantial prize pool, it attracts those who play to radically transform their destiny. Winning the Prime is not just a question of winning, it is a real achievement in the world of online casinos.

The uniqueness of these jackpots lies in their separate and progressively replenished prize pools, providing a constant thrill. From the moment the prize pool reaches a minimum threshold, any eligible player can trigger the jackpot randomly, simply by playing and betting at least €1.

This democratic system ensures that no matter which game you choose, everyone has a chance. And when fortune smiles, winnings are awarded with no additional wagering requirements – pure profit, ready to be cashed out.

Golden Star thus offers an experience where every bet can lead to a stellar victory, and where every player can, literally, aim for the stars. It’s an invitation to enter a gaming dimension where hope shines at every turn, and jackpot dreams can become a resplendent reality.


  1. Golden Star Casino promotional activity called Grand Trophy (hereinafter – Promo), which includes 3 jackpot levels – Mini, Medium, Prime.

1.1. The promotion will start on 2023-10-04.

  1. Initial jackpot level values: MINI – 300 to 1,000 EUR Medium – 5,000 to 10,000 EUR Bonus – 100,000+ EUR

2.1. The increase in the current jackpot level amount depends on the size of participants’ bets, while no additional costs will be charged to the player for participating in the Promo.

  1. The player automatically participates in the Promo if he meets all the conditions (3.1. – 3.4.).

3.1. Only players registered at Golden Star Casino are allowed to participate in the Promo.

3.2. The Promo is only available to players who have reached the age of 18 (or older).

3.3. The Promo is not available to players from countries where bonuses are not permitted.

3.4. The promo is not available for players who have been excluded by the Golden Star Casino administration.

  1. Qualifying bids are those that meet all the requirements (4.1. – 4.3.):

4.1. Bets made with real money.

4.2. Bets made in the following currencies: EUR, USD, AUD, CAD, NOK, PLN, NZD, ZAR, JPY, KRW, INR, VND, BRL, BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, DOGE, USDT, XRP.

4.3. Bets placed in any game available at Golden Star Casino.

  1. Any Jackpot is drawn only among players who are currently online at the Golden Star Casino site and who have made a wager of at least €1 (or its equivalent in other currencies) in any game during the course of the last 120 seconds.
  2. The winner is selected randomly at any time.
  3. The prize is automatically awarded to the winner as a bonus as soon as the winner is determined.

7.1. The winner must activate the bonus within 30 days after receiving it.

7.2. The bonus can be activated in the player’s account.

  1. The bonus received as a reward for winning a Jackpot has no wagering requirements.
  2. After activation of the bonus, its total amount is credited to the player’s balance in the form of real money.
  3. Jackpot winnings are available for withdrawal in accordance with the relevant withdrawal limits described in the Golden Star Casino Terms and Conditions.
  4. There is a delay of up to 15 seconds in displaying current Jackpot amounts.
  5. Jackpot amounts shown may differ slightly from actual winnings due to rounding.
  6. Payment of Promo winnings is made by Golden Star Casino.

13.1. The jackpot fund is formed entirely from Golden Star Casino funds.

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