Ledger physical wallet for crypto security

A wallet in cryptocurrency refers to a wallet that stores digital assets securely. Most often, it’s a physical device that looks something like a USB flash drive. It can be connected to your device, computer or phone to interact with your cryptocurrencies.

Wallet Ledger is a type of wallet that uses its own operating system to securely store private keys managing cryptos. In fact, this wallet keeps a cryptocurrency user’s funds safe from thefts and hacks that can occur online.

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Crypto wallet, how does it work?

If you have virtual digital assets and want a secure place to keep your funds, you can choose a special physical crypto wallet. In any case, storing crypto-assets on an exchange platform is not a good way to protect them.

When you buy a cryptocurrency, you get two keys, public and private. The public key is similar to a bank account number. You can share it with other people who might receive cryptos, without compromising them, of course. The private key allows you to manage your cryptos, validate transactions and send and receive assets. Access to your private key also gives you access to all the assets associated with it. However, this private key needs to be highly secure, and you need to keep it secret.

The different types of crypto wallets

There are two categories of crypto wallets, which you can find here:

  • Hot wallets are used to protect digital assets and use them quickly from an application.
  • Cold wallets are a cold storage solution for storing cryptos outside direct web access.

We also have hardware wallets or crypto wallets with physical support designed to store both private and public keys. Hardware wallets fall into the category of cold wallets.

And Ledger is considered a hardware wallet which is part of cold storage tools.

Discovering Ledger

Ledger wallets are wallets manufactured by the French company Ledger. The company was founded in 2014 by cryptocurrency and security experts. Ledger is currently one of the world’s leading crypto wallets, and has already sold millions of wallets worldwide.

In the market for wallets for digital assets, Ledger offers 2 products: the Ledger Nano S plus and the Ledger Nano X. The latter is much more expensive than the former, but this is due to the more effective security it offers your cryptocurrencies.

In addition to crypto wallets, Ledger also implements other product lines such as digital asset-related services for businesses or individuals via an innovative and comprehensive app called Ledger Live.

Now, if the idea of using Ledger comes to mind, you should know that its wallets are available in various online marketplaces. However, for security reasons, we recommend that you place an order for your Ledger wallet from their official website.

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Ledger Wallets for optimal security

Ledger crypto wallets are the first physical wallets on the market whose security has been certified by ANSSI (France’s national cybersecurity agency). You should also know that Ledger physical wallets are equipped with a certified chip created to guarantee the security of your cryptocurrencies against any malicious online attacks. Not to mention that they can host crypto data like private keys securely.

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