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Kitty Twins Jackpot: review of this slot machine

The Kitty Twins slot game comes with 20 fixed paylines, 5 reels and 3 rows. This title created by the developers of GameArt jackpots is aimed at all fans of free slot machines and especially those who love felines. In Kitty Twins you have cats, cute cats everywhere, where Angel and Mittens are the main characters and they are also there to help you hit the jackpot. This feline-themed game is also popular for the generous features it offers such as wild symbols, free spins, and lucky icons that can turn into lucrative symbols.

Indeed, come pet the friendly cats in Kitty Twins and win incredible prizes! All the more reason to play this game, if you are allergic to cats in real life, you are lucky to be able to share your path with them in this machine, as this is a strictly no fur game.

Presentation of the slot machine

Kitty Twins takes place in an adorable pink house where Angel and Mittens are the stars of the house. Living in luxurious surroundings, Angel and Mittens are surrounded by jewelry and have a good number of comfortable pillows to doze on. Aside from the cats themselves, there are other symbols like bowls of milk, fluffy baskets, balls of yarn, and goldfish. Indeed, kittens are surrounded by all the things that provide them with great comfort.

Kitty Twins is accompanied by lovely music and various sound effects with purrs and meows. A bell sound is also available to celebrate the winning teams.

Rules in the game

Kitty Twins has 20 winning lines on display across 5 reels and 3 rows. Just align the corresponding symbols to have a combo. The winnings depend on the symbols obtained and the size of the bet. The minimum bet is $0.20 and larger bets then offer larger prizes.

If you’re feeling extra lucky, try the mini guessing game that will double your winnings after every winning spin. However, you have to guess the color of a face down card if it is red or black. If you predict the correct color, you can redo the mini game up to 5 times and your win will be doubled as you go. However, if the answer is wrong, you return to the main game empty-handed.

Don’t forget that Kitty Twins includes Autoplay mode, a feature that allows the reels to spin on their own knowing that bet settings are saved and applied automatically. You can return to manual mode at any time.

Paytable, game menu “Lucky Twins Jackpot”

The paytable of this slot machine is filled with items related to cats. As the first group of symbols, we have playing card icons from number 9 to A. These are low paying and often appear on the reels for more chances to win with a few coins. The rest of the menu includes a cozy basket, a ball of yarn, a bowl of milk and a goldfish in a tank. These symbols can guarantee better prizes if they end up landing on the reels.

The interesting features of Kitty Twins Slot

As we already know, the favorites in this game are the kittens themselves. Matching the cat twins together can unlock the big jackpot. On top of that, cats also act as wild symbols and can replace all kinds of icons in order to generate more winning spins. And having 3 or more scatter kittens provides free spins. A combination of 5 kittens will generate 50 free spins. Note that all payouts are doubled during these bonus rounds.

Kitty Twins Slot Review

The Kitty Twins slot machine relies heavily on images related to felines so that the theme is well respected. Indeed, the result is simply adorable and intoxicating with the presence of cute cats with their accessory on the game board. If you like these animals and if you want to win at the same time, this slot machine will be ideal for you, moreover it is compatible with all devices.

Cats offer several winning opportunities both in terms of real money prizes and free spins. So if you’re not entirely averse to the idea of a feline-themed slot game, this title is definitely a good choice.

🙋 Kitty Twins Jackpot Frequently Asked Questions

❤️ What Jackpot can we expect with the slot machine?

A small jackpot of 2000 coins coupled with the “Gamble” button the jackpot can double and reach 4000 coins>> Discover the Kitty Twins

🎯 What is the player payout rate of the Kitty Twins GameArt?

The Kitty Twins RTP player payout rate is close to 96%

🍉 How do you get free spins on Kitty Twins?

We frequently get free spins in series of 5, 10, 20 or even 50 spins, a generous slot machine!

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