Live Speed Baccarat

live speed baccarat

With this game, players are required to complete a round in 27 seconds. It offers an opportunity to greatly increase your chances of winning.

Live Speed Baccarat is based on the concept of classic Baccarat, but with a faster turn concept and at a different level. Single Baccarat rounds are played in 48 seconds. This is already fast, but with Live Speed Baccarat, this time becomes even more impressive. A round of Live Baccarat Speed takes a maximum of 27 seconds. This time allows players from all over the world to make more bets in order to generate more hits. Regularly, we see game attendance in excess of 3500 players, attracted mainly by the speed of the game, but also by the side bets, such as the 6 Side Bets offered.

Game features

  • Game Evolution Gaming
  • Live studio from Latvia “Riga
  • Availability: 24 hours a day
  • Minimum bet £1 – Maximum bet £10,000
  • Draw frequency: every 27 seconds
  • Time to bet: about 10 seconds
  • Player redistribution rate ‘RTP’: over 98.90%.
  • Visibility of the last 120 prints

Obviously, but again, Speed Baccarat Live is standard accelerated Baccarat. Here, as in the usual Baccarat option, the cards are dealt face up. The dealer is taking steps, in the interest of time, to further expedite the process. He has to make quick lighting movements in order to respect the principle of the game. And it looks like a great show that ensures a real pleasure to watch.

Another great thing about Live Speed Baccarat is that it is very easy to play. The only difference with the classic version of Baccarat is the turn time. All other Baccarat features remain the same.

Two cards are dealt in each round with the “banker” and two cards with the “player”. If necessary, an extra card is distributed. The one who is closer to 9 becomes the winner.

In terms of betting, players have the option to select from “banker”, “player” or “draw”. There are also side bets such as “Banker Pair” and “Player Pair”.They are available to pocket additional earnings. In addition, these side bets are very lucrative and can pay 11 to 1.

Live Speed Baccarat strategy: features to consider

Speed Baccarat Live offers all the relevant statistical information that the player will certainly need. But on top of that, it implements a live chat option. While it may seem that the dealer has no time for conversation while remaining focused on the speed of play, this is not the case here. Dealers always find the time to manage all their work in the best possible way.

The players in their side may have trouble understanding their thoughts. The game is played at a super fast pace that a player must also have great speed to be able to share his thoughts.

How to play Speed Baccarat Live?

Live Speed Baccarat is broadcast from many Evolution Gaming studios across Europe. Among these fairs, the best known is in Riga, Latvia. The actual game flow is transmitted directly to the end user.

You can use any device, this game can be played from mobile, tablet or fixed PC. But it is still important to have a good Internet connection. The better quality of the Internet connection ensures better video quality.

The key to this game is the existence of a professional dealer. The company only employs the most competent dealers and this is evident during the game. They are required to complete a lap in only 27 seconds. Indeed, they are obliged to be punctual every time.

Playing Speed Baccarat live allows players to participate in double the classic Baccarat rounds. As a result, more than 5 rounds of Live Speed Baccarat can be completed in just a few minutes.

Finally, it is important to note that this game is licensed and regulated by regulatory bodies. These controllers are the Maltese Gaming Authority, the UK Gambling Commission, and the Alderney Gambling Control Commission and others.

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🙋 Frequently Asked Questions “Live Speed Baccarat

What is “Live Speed ​​Baccarat”?

speed baccarat evolution gaming

Live Speed ​​Baccarat is a variation of the live casino game Baccarat, offered by some game providers, such as Evolution Gaming. As the name suggests, this version is played at a much faster pace than traditional Baccarat.

How to play “Live Speed ​​Baccarat”?

The rules are the same as for traditional Baccarat. Players bet on the outcome of two hands (the “player’s hand” and the “banker’s hand”) trying to guess which hand will be closer to 9 or whether it will be a tie.

🍉What’s special about this Baccarat live?

Speed ​​of the game: Speed ​​Baccarat offers a round of play that lasts less than 27 seconds, with a betting time of 10 seconds. Side bets such as Banker Pair and Player Pair are very lucrative and can pay 11 to 1.

👏What is the accounting of live with mobile media?

This live game is accessible on smartphone and tablet iOS or Android, you can play at any time of day or night throughout the week and weekend 24/24H

🌈What are the playing limits of this live table?

Minimum bets are £1, maximum bets are £10,000, the ‘RTP’ payout rate is quite high at around 98.9

What is the RTP (Return To Player) of “Live Speed ​​Baccarat”?

The RTP for “Live Speed ​​Baccarat” is generally similar to traditional Baccarat, often around 98.94% for player bets and 98.76% for banker bets.

Are there any strategies specific to “Live Speed ​​Baccarat”?

Although traditional Baccarat strategies can be applied, the fast pace of “Live Speed ​​Baccarat” requires quick decision-making. It is therefore advisable to know the game well before starting.

Is the game fair?

Yes, regulated game providers, like Evolution Gaming, are regularly audited by third-party organizations to ensure the fairness of their games.

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