Live lottery

live lottery

While traditional casino games have pride of place in online gaming concepts, others are not left out. After the decline of games using random number generators, these games were also entitled to their live version, animated by dealers or live animators . These are lottery, lotto and keno. Real animators came to replace the number generator programs, adding the charm of transparency and authenticity to these studio-shot lottery games. The publishers that are most involved in this sector of the gaming industry are Betgame and Liw.

Live lottery

As a self-respecting live game, the live lottery follows the same principles as the others. A dealer, in this case a host, is in charge of running the operation, drawing the numbers and presenting the results. The whole thing is streamed live so players can follow the game and place bets in real time from their computer or smartphone. He participates in the game through the game interface. He places his bets there.

One of the notable changes in this new version of the lottery is the increase in the number of possible bets. In the traditional lotto game, the player bets on the winning numbers in part or in full. When playing the live lottery, the player can choose from a host of other possible bets. He can bet on the colour of the balls that come out, the numbers that will not come out or the sum of the numbers of the six balls drawn, among other things.

Changes to the betting system are also a welcome improvement to the traditional lotto game. Indeed, this online version allows players to adjust their bets. Where previously a player would bet a specific amount each time, they can now bet any amount they want on a particular bet. Of course, the details may vary from one publisher to another. This new option, combined with the mixing barrel, is very reminiscent of roulette principles.

Online lotto reference of the live lottery

Live Lotto uses a mechanical barrel to mix the balls. There are 49 of them, numbered from 1 to 49. The odd and even balls are sometimes of different colours. Every three minutes, 6 balls are drawn at random from the box. Generally, the process is quite similar to the Euromillion draw and other televised lotteries.

Of course, the details of the live lotto games vary from publisher to publisher. The variants offered by the publishers include new betting options. They all compete with each other in terms of creativity.

Keno online queen of the live lottery

Keno is a variant of lotto. It can also be played live. Like other online lottery games, the draw is done using a barrel and is assisted by a live host. For maximum convenience, live keno has a simplified interface. The image is in high definition. To complete the package, the facilitators bring a touch of conviviality to the session.

It is also possible to engage in dialogue with them thanks to the live chat option. Very professional, the animators answer questions about the game. In other words, bettors enjoy the benefits of online gaming without having to leave the comfort of their homes.

In its traditional version, Keno consists of drawing 20 balls from an initial 80 balls. But the magic of technology makes it possible to go far beyond that. Thanks to a functional menu, a live online keno player can choose from many other betting options.

Thus, thanks to functions like auto-pick or re-bet , the player can bet on numbers chosen at random, or according to his previous selections if he has a lucky number… the choice is vast. In short, the live lottery is a thrilling experience that is in no way clouded by issues of fairness. With no pre-registration and no interference from random number generator software, players can bet in peace.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions “Live Lottery

What is a live lottery?

A live lottery is a lottery draw that is broadcast live, often via a streaming platform or television channel. Participants can follow the draw in real time.

Which game publishers offer live lottery games?

\u003ca aria-label=”Betgame (opens in a new tab)” class=”rank-math-link” href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Betgame and Liw publishers specialize in Lotto and Keno games with unique variations

How can I participate in a live lottery?

Participation depends on the platform and the country where the lottery is organized. Usually, you have to buy a lottery ticket in advance and then watch the draw live to see if you’ve won.

Are live lotteries secure?

Official and recognized lotteries are generally regulated by the competent authorities of the country where they are organized. Always make sure to participate in official lotteries to ensure fairness and safety.

Can I watch a replay if I miss the live?

Yes, many platforms offer replays of the draw for those who missed the live.

Are there any fees associated with claiming a prize?

This varies between lotteries and countries. Some may have administrative fees, while others do not. Always check the terms and conditions of the specific lottery.

Can I participate in a live lottery from another country?

Some international lotteries allow foreigners to participate, but it is essential to check local rules and regulations before buying a ticket.

Are the draws really random?

Official lotteries usually use certified machines to ensure random draw of numbers.