Lucky 3 Slot Machine

Lucky 3 slot machine developed by iSoftBet, the magazine

Online casino players are always looking for new gaming options. That’s why game software manufacturers update their portfolios from time to time with new content, not only to satisfy users but also to stand out from the competition. But how do they do it? Each in their own way, but for iSoftBet in this case, they have edited the Lucky 3 slot machine to give an unparalleled and exciting experience. This title is mainly dedicated to players who play with a low spending limit.

Lucky 3 by iSoftBet is a slot machine contained in a 5 x 5 reel grid, but wins are not won from the usual paylines. We’ll look at this together later in this review. You should also know from the start that this game is optimized for all devices, in fact, it really adapts to players on the go. When playing it, you can expect multipliers from 1x to 5x and you even have the possibility of hitting a 500 coin jackpot. If all this appeals to you, read this Lucky 3 slot machine review, it will help you understand the game better before you jump right in.

Presentation of Lucky 3

The Lucky 3 slot machine is quite difficult to describe, as it has nothing to do with the slot machines we are used to seeing in online casinos. Here you have a 5 x 5 grid of fruit symbols sitting in the center of the screen with the control panel below it. Before spinning the reels, it is important to first set the bet according to your coins and it will be between 0.05 and 5.00. Next, you have the winnings table next to the coin selector on the left side, and this section displays the possible winning results, the way to win the jackpot and the rules of this game. After that, to the right of the reels are the multipliers from 1 x to 5 x and these come into play once you win.

Lucky 3 has 25 positions on the 5 x 5 layout, but it only has 3 symbols, namely watermelons, cherries and lemons. However, watermelons are less remunerative compared to lemons.

What about the payouts in the Lucky 3 slot?

To hit the jackpot in Lucky 3, you must land 5 lemon symbols on a line. Once these icons are aligned, your bet will be multiplied by 20 and you can pocket up to 500 coins.

As we only have 3 symbols on the reels, seeing how to win in this slot is quite simple. Line up 3 watermelons in a row, yielding 1 piece, 4 for 3 pieces and 5 for 10 pieces. As for cherries, having 3 in a row yields 2 pieces, 4 for 5 pieces and 5 for 15 pieces. Finally, lemons are the most generous of the three symbols offered, because with 3 lemons lined up, you get 5 coins, 4 for 10 coins and 5 for 25 coins.

Unfortunately, Lucky 3 does not include a range of bonuses to players. However, the multipliers offered will significantly increase the payout up to 5 x the value shown.

The game is simple, just choose the bet and wait to win on one of the 5 lines of the reel. Any win is read from the leftmost reel. The first row will multiply the winnings by 1 x their value, the second by 2 x, the third by 3 x, the fourth by 4 x and finally the fifth row will multiply them by 5.


Since the betting limit is capped at a very low value of 5.00 coins per spin, Lucky 3 is definitely not for the high rollers. Also, the jackpot offered by this title will not satisfy the big players with the rather modest sum. However, players with smaller budgets will enjoy steady wins in Lucky 3, a medium variance slot game. Besides, hitting 5 symbols of some kind besides the lemon on the rows is fast, which makes Lucky 3 a very rewarding slot.

Basically, iSoftBet has created a unique and simplistic slot machine that can appeal to a wide range of players. Not to mention that the graphics are vivid and pleasant, the sound is top notch and everything has been designed to make a good quality game.