Lucky 5

Discover Lucky 5 from BetGames

Lucky 5 is a game developed by BetGames, it is a game based on the lottery and consists of making bets according to the result of a process of dropping 5 balls from a group of 36. Indeed, you find on the balls the numbers 1 to 36 with a set of different colors. To win, it is important to predict the number, color or other combos correctly. However, we can see that this title combines the principles of the lottery with an extra set of valuable betting options and better chances of winning.

Lucky 5 offers you the ultimate gaming experience when you play for the huge profits of the game. This game is hosted by a stylish dealer who serves as your guide through every step. Also note that the wide selection of betting outcomes will provide you with several opportunities to win each time you are at Lucky 5. Don’t ask for more time, just place your bet and wait for the dice to stop rolling. If you are interested in this entertainment, please read our detailed review first, which talks about how the game works, the types of bets in Lucky 5, and the best tips to consider before getting started.

How the game is played

This BetGames title is based on a lottery. Participants are offered a wide range of betting outcomes and winning bets can yield large profits of up to 1,000x the bet. To play Lucky 5, you must first determine the bet. To do this, use the betting section at the bottom of the game screen, keeping in mind that you only have one round of betting in this game. However, it is also possible to place a bet on all available outcomes for the upcoming draw.

Then, a round of bidding takes place between the matches and this can take about 4 minutes. And every day, Lucky 5 draws are held every 5 minutes. The game is played as follows: first, you must choose 5 winning balls from the 36 offered. These balls will then be fired into the cylinders of the machine. The first cylinder is the leftmost one and the results are read from left to right as well. In order to keep track of the game and have an eye on previous results, you can click on the Game History section.

Types of bets available in Lucky 5

There are a total of 6 betting categories to choose from in this game. You can choose the correct winning balls and this gives higher odds. However, there is a lot more depth with the fixed odds betting options. The betting categories are :

The Numbers

As in a normal lotto game, each colored ball is linked to a designated number. In this betting option, you must predict which numbered balls will appear. You can also place a bet on the number of even, odd or sum of all balls.

The White Balls

These are the four colored balls drawn during the game. The betting options include the number of white balls that land and the number of all white balls.

The Green Balls

This is the second of four colored balls that can appear. The betting options in this case reflect the other ball colors.

The Red Balls

We are talking about the third colored ball likely to be drawn from the machine. Same for white and green balls, the betting options are the same, as well as the fixed odds.

The Blue Balls

This is the last of the four colored balls that can land. The odds and fixed markets are exactly the same as the three options mentioned above.

The betting option called: Different colors

The largest category of bets is on ball color combinations. However, there are several fixed odds, including guessing that one color will appear more than others.

Best tips for playing Lucky 5

The best strategy here is to bet on the options that offer the best odds of winning, while betting on the most lucrative outcomes.

For this technique to work, what you need above all is luck and patience. Start by choosing a betting option with a high chance of winning. However, you have to bet on certain numbered balls that do not appear or bet on the draw of a certain color. Then select a high value option to bet on passively.

Although the potential payoffs are attractive, the chances of obtaining such combinations are too low. Placing a bet on exactly 5 of the same color appearing may pay 1,000 x, but the odds are not so much on your side. For this bet, you have a 0.0003% chance of success. That’s why it’s important to hedge your bets by choosing a betting option that has a better chance of success.

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