Lucky Ball Roulette

Lucky Ball Roulette, by Authentic Gaming, is a live variant of European roulette. Those who are used to the publisher’s products will notice that this is a very similar version of Turbo Roulette. The main difference is the Lucky Ball, the extra bonus thatAuthentic Gaming has integrated in this version.

Lucky Ball Roulette is played like any other roulette game, which will not disorient purists. The Lucky Ball is optional. Being a live game, the roulette games are filmed from the Hilton International Casino in Batumi, Georgia.

The Lucky Ball

The Lucky Ball, the main attraction of Lucky Ball Roulette, consists of a sticker in the top left corner of the screen. This small rectangle is composed of four colors (blue, orange, green and purple) where numbers appear randomly. These numbers are drawn by a random number generator software. The game, through the publisher’s software, randomly determines which of these numbers is the Lucky Ball.

In order to pocket the bonus, two conditions must be met: the player must have bet on the Lucky Ball and the roulette wheel must stop on that lucky number. Betting on Lucky Ball is not mandatory, however. The player can also bet that the roulette wheel will stop on a different number, but the payout will be smaller. The reports will depend on the color of the box where the winning number is written.

The Lucky Ball is optional, so the player can choose to activate it or not. The action is very easy, because you just have to click on an icon.

Lucky Ball odds

As mentioned above, the odds depend on the color of the square where the Lucky Ball is marked. There are two invariable cases.

When one of the boxes hosts the Lucky Ball, here’s what the odds look like:

  • Green: 120 to 1
  • Blue: 100 to 1
  • Orange: 75 to 1
  • Purple: 60 to 1

On the contrary, when it does not host the Lucky Ball, the odds are as follows:

  • Green: 6 to 1
  • Blue: 12 to 1
  • Orange: 20 to 1
  • Purple: 25 to 1

Specifically, if the Lucky Ball is on the 2 in the blue box, the player bets on it and the deuce comes up on the roulette wheel, the player wins 100 times his bet. In another draw, if the Lucky Ball is on the 10 in the green box, the player bets on the 23 in the orange box, and if it is indeed drawn by the roulette wheel, the player wins only 20 times his bet. The Lucky Ball thus offers real prospects of winning.

Don’t worry, these odds are available on the game interface.

Lucky Ball Roulette Game Play

At the start of the game, marked by the “Place your bets” announcement, players place their bets on the roulette betting area or the Lucky Ball box. After the famous “nothing goes wrong, all bets are off”, the ball is rolling. The traditional rules of roulette apply, along with the Lucky Ball rules.

In case of a win, the winnings are huge, as the player has made two different bets: one on the roulette wheel and one on the Lucky Ball. This one acts almost like a sidebet. As it is optional, the player can play only on roulette or try his luck on both fronts. Accepted bets start at 1 euro.

Lucky Ball Roulette” Frequently Asked Questions

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