Lucky Oktoberfest Jackpot

lucky oktoberfest jackpot

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Lucky Oktoberfest Slot Machine Overview

Lucky Oktoberfest is a slot machine created and published by the game publisher known as RedTiger. This machine is inspired by German culture and the theme revolves around the beer festival. Indeed, glasses of beer, an accordion song, Tyrolean hats … are set up to prepare you plenty of free spins and winnings multipliers.

As a little anecdote, the supplier Red Tiger has established a collaboration with R7, a partner studio. The job is to create a slot machine for lovers of Germanic culture. Finally, the product is simply a game of wheat and malt flavours. Indeed, this video slot came out of R7’s laboratory after a nice collaboration proposal from Red Tiger. Since Lucky Oktoberfest is strongly inspired by Western European culture and beer festivities, it’s no wonder it takes place in a bar.

Lucky Oktoberfest Slot Machine Overview

The bar in Lucky Oktoberfest is far from sophisticated with cocktails with exotic names. In this slot machine, we have access to a good old German bar. Here, the emphasis is on good living, people talk, laugh and simply enjoy the moment. Beer is the most shared thing among them.

The silhouettes of people talking with their moustaches and hair tied up with a scarf can be clearly seen behind the game board. The painting is made of wood and decorated with bold baroque and gilded writing. The game is animated by pleasant accordion music. And all you want to do after a few games is have a glass of beer.

Even in the symbols, this Germanic spirit is always present. Between the usual poker cards found in classic slots, Lucky Oktoberfest tries to innovate its presentation with unique symbols. However, you can find half-full or empty beer glasses, pretzels, Bavarian crests, Tyrolean hats, accordions and beer barrels. It is also one of the few games that does not have a wild symbol.

Features in Lucky Oktoberfest

The Lucky Oktoberfest slot machine features a regular layout with 5 reels on 3 lines and 10 paylines. The minimum amount required to play a game is €0.10 and the maximum is €20. A win can be achieved if you manage to line up 5 Bavarian ridges on a line, in which case you will pocket a sum equal to 30 x your initial bet.

The beers

The feature that catches our attention in Lucky Oktoberfest is the “Bier Reels”. To trigger it, you just have to make a beer glass appear on reels 1 and 5. To confirm that the feature is enabled, a “Prost” toast is produced.

Once this feature is enabled, you will see all the columns in the table fill with beer at varying levels. Thus, some columns will fill up while others will not. All icons covered by the foam will turn into winning symbols and the combinations formed will result in big wins.

Free spins

Another feature in Lucky Oktoberfest is the free tour. To activate it, it is important to land the scatter at the same time on the first, third and fifth column. If you get less than 3 scatters, the game does its best to offer you a third while blocking the columns with a scatter. When 3 scatters come together, you win 10 free spins right away.

During these free spins, the characters Hans and Helga may appear as game symbols. When these combine with each other or with a glass of beer on the first and fifth column, something happens:

  • First, if Hans appears on reel 1 with a glass of beer or Helga lands on the fifth reel, your win multiplier will randomly increase.
  • Then, if Helga lands on the last reel with a beer mug or Hanse on the first reel, you will enjoy extra free spins.


This offering from R7 with Red Tiger kid is perhaps the best of the group of games on the same theme. Visually, Lucky Oktoberfest is light, fun and super charming. The playability is quite good, offering a chance to win up to 5,000 times the stake. The built-in features and mechanics are tailored and manage to keep you entertained perfectly throughout the session. Overall, Lucky Oktoberfest is a solid video slot that does a good job of winning the minds and hearts of players who are fanatical about the German beer festival.

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🙋 Lucky Oktoberfest Frequently Asked Questions

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📱What is the compatibility of this machine?

Desktop, Tablet, Smartphone, TV, iOS/Android Apps, Mini Games