Lucky Streak Automatic Roulette Wheel

Lucky Streak Live Roulette Review

For the past few years, LuckyStreak has been trying to make a name for itself in the field of online game production. The developer is trying to expand its game collection on the one hand, while introducing new, more modern concepts on the other. Modernity and excellence are the watchwords at LuckyStreak.

The developer launched Live Auto Roulette some time ago. Its name already says a lot about the nature of the game. This new live game from LuckyStreak is indeed an automatic roulette. With an RTP of 97.3%, a beautiful game environment and easy to understand rules, it is only natural that Live Auto Roulette is attracting more and more players. You will surely be tempted by this variant of roulette once you get to know its various features.

What does Live Roulette look like?

Those in the know already know that automatic roulette is just a variation of the classic European roulette. Live Auto Roulette is a game where everything is done automatically, which makes a game go by very quickly. To hell with the slowdown due to protocols! Those who are used to getting straight to the point will love Live Auto Roulette.

The Live Auto Roulette games are shot in a LuckyStreak studio. You’ll find everything you’d see in a classic live roulette game, except for the dealer, since it’s an automatic game. The developer has chosen a very modern setting for the game. Everything that happens during each game will be broadcast live. Participants can use a computer as well as play from a mobile device. The HD cameras placed in the room provide very good quality images.

Live auto roulette, a game that is easy to grasp

It’s normal to be reluctant to play a game if you don’t know the rules clearly. The developer makes it easy for auto roulette enthusiasts by explaining very clearly everything they need to know about the game: rules, features, bet types, betting limits, payouts… LuckyStreak offers trial spins, which are free, to those who want to try Live Auto Roulette.

Sometimes you just have to read what appears on the screen to understand how a game works. Those who have already played Live Auto Roulette have surely seen that the game’s interface is pleasant to look at. The menus that are used during a game are very well arranged on the screen. Bettors don’t risk getting lost. In order to satisfy as many customers as possible, LuckyStreak has decided to translate the rules into 13 languages. Players will be able to freely choose the language that suits them. With Live Auto Roulette, players will also be able to set the video quality, animations and sound effects to their liking.

Lucky Streak Automatic Roulette Betting Option

Those who play Live Auto Roulette can bet through a digital betting layout as well as use the Neighbor Bets button. In this variant of the automatic roulette game, everything that could cause a slowdown has been removed. Players have very little time to think and place their bets afterwards.

It is important to know the different betting options to increase your chances of winning in a game. Once the game is launched, you will find windows with detailed explanations of each type of bet. Just read carefully to see the maximum and minimum amount you can invest. You can also make a small estimate of what you can earn once you know the different payment rates. Not to mention that you have the option of viewing statistics based on previous rounds.

Lucky Streak’s automatic roulette highlights

It is normal to make a small comparison when you discover a new game, which allows you to draw the strong and weak points. When it comes to LuckyStreak’s Live Auto Roulette, the new features, such as the ability to view statistical data, have particularly caught the attention of punters. However, you should keep in mind that Live Auto Roulette is a game of chance above all.

Those who prefer the idea of jumping right into action are in for a treat with this fully automatic game. It becomes quite possible to get rich in a few minutes. In addition, the layout of the menus on the home screen embeds players in a beautiful visual experience.

Roulette enthusiasts should definitely try Live Auto Roulette. Basically, it’s a very competitive and super generous product.