Mega Sic Bo Live Pragmatic Play

Discovering Mega Sic Bo

Have you ever heard of the Sic Bo? In fact, it is a dice game of Asian origin whose principle is similar to that of online roulette. The objective will therefore be to perceive which numbers will appear.

Sic Bo from Asia, which was once unpopular, has increased greatly in recent times. This dice game is beginning to take hold everywhere in online casinos so that publishers are currently attracted to this type of game more and more. Therefore, thanks to the decision of the game publisher Pragmatic Play, the latter has taken in hand the opportunity to play Sic Bo live due to the new Mega Sic Bo game. In addition, this supplier has opened up an opportunity to have spacious premises and innovative solutions. This way, every player can have a quality and entertaining experience. So, what are you waiting for to test Pragmatic Play games, live from this provider?

The characteristics of the Mega Sic Bo

Still, it’s more fun to face a dealer directly than to have the computer as an opponent! Pragmatic Play is among the top publishers to bring a Sic Bo game to life with so many features.

Mega Sic Bo offers various special features such as the possibility of 52 bets in the game, the existence of a Mega multiplier and the opportunity to win your bet up to 1000 times. In addition, this game is equipped with HTLM5 technology in order to present a quality game that is accessible every day 24/7.

How to play Pragmatic Play’s Mega Sic Bo?

As soon as Pragmatic Play Live Casino starts the game, you will be placed directly in a beautiful studio decorated in red and gold. Usually, the dealers are dressed in bright red dresses and put on red lipstick as well. You can always see the strong Asian design influence as you can see in most Sic Bo games with live dealers.

The dealers sit at a round table while the dice shaker sits in the middle. The video shows the layout of the bets. At first it all seems a little scary, but when you get used to the bets once or twice, you will gain more confidence. The goal is mainly to predict the result of the dice roll. The beginning of the betting time is marked by a green bar and within 20 seconds you must place your bet for the game.

In terms of layout, there are 52 betting positions and gives each player an opportunity to make a bet on one or more positions simultaneously. Players are not allowed to make a choice to bet on the outcome of one, two or all three dice. Some bets consist of totals, evens or odds, small or large, and also doubles and triples. When the bet is unlikely, then the payout will be more or less low.

Mega Sic Bo contains all the classic Sic Bo bets. But it is the special features of the multiplier that sets this one apart from the others. In this Mega Sic Bo Pragmatic Play review, you will learn more!

Other criteria to consider when playing Mega Sic Bo?

It is mainly the multipliers that make the real attraction of this title. For each game, random selections of several betting options, also known as Mega Lucky combinations, are made. Mega multipliers take the place of their standard odds and have the possibility of reaching 1000 times the initial bet. As far as we know, going up to 6 per round is possible.

It is important to note that these multipliers are all different for each bet. First of all, Big/Small and Even/Odd bets are not allowed to be affected by them. They must always pay at a 1: 1 ratio.

Then, the biggest win in the technical side is not allowed to show up except for triple bets. In fact, as the risk of the bet increases, so does the possibility of an increased multiplier. The final payment is made within the range of the base odds and the maximum multiplier. In case there are triple bets, this would be between 150:1 and 999:1. On the other hand, the lowest paying bets, costing between 5:1 and 24:1 and between 6:1 and 24:1 respectively, having the possibility of being multiplied are combinations and totals of 10 to 11.

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