Mona Lisa Jewels

Mona Lisa Jewels, detailed review

Since entering the online game creation market, IsoftBet has launched numerous video slots. Mona Lisa Jewels added to her game collection a few years ago. This highly original title takes participants into an immersive and captivating game environment. Both casual and serious gamblers will be thrilled with the many features offered by IsoftBet in this video slot.

Mona Lisa Jewels has five reels and 25 paylines on which players can bet. The developer has reserved a progressive jackpot for the boldest and luckiest. This new title offered by IsoftBet is an easily accessible game since it is compatible with any type of device. Bettors can start a game via smartphone or computer anytime and anywhere.

How is the game going?

It is important to know everything about the game before you start. Mona Lisa Jewels from IsoftBet is a slot machine that is generally easy to understand. At the beginning of a game, players are asked to place their bets. Then they are free to choose the lines they want to play on. It is also up to them to determine the amount of money to be placed and the chips to be used since the game provider has not set any limits.

Participants should also be familiar with the different symbols used in the game. The symbols that regularly appear on the reels are standard card game icons with the numbers 9, 10, J, Q, K and A. There is not much difference in the multiplier values as 9, 10, Jack and Queen pay 5x the starting bet. The King and Ace pay a little more. Higher multipliers will apply in the event that the player manages to form a combination of 3, 4 or even 5 of the same symbols on a winning line. Those who manage to line up five 9s will get 100 x their bet, three Kings or Aces pay 15 x and four Kings or Aces pay 30 x the bet.

Features of this slot machine

In addition to the regular symbols, Mona Lisa Jewels also has special symbols that are usually jewels. The multipliers are higher than those for regular symbols. Those who land on the Topaz or Emerald will win 15 times their bet. Three, four and five Topaz or Emerald pay 40x, 150x, 150x the starting bet respectively. The most profitable symbols are Ruby and Amethyst, but the multiplier value does not exceed 150. Mona Lisa Jewels does not offer exorbitant amounts of money, but it pays frequently. Those who have enough patience can fill their pockets easily with this slot machine.

Another great feature of IsoftBet’s Mona Lisa Jewels is the Diamond Jewel free spins feature. Other symbols may also appear during the game to increase the chances of winning, including the Mona Lisa and the diamond ring. The Mona Lisa is both a scatter and a bonus symbol, and the diamond ring is the Wild symbol. The latter can replace all the symbols in the game except for the scatter symbol and the Mona Lisa portrait. Scatter symbols and wild symbols greatly increase the chances of forming more winning combos.

Free spins and jackpot

Players will never be at the end of their surprise with Mona Lisa Jewels. To spice up the game, IsoftBet has decided to offer bonuses and more bonuses with the free spins. Obtaining 3 Mona Lisa portraits gives you 10 free spins. Wild symbols can double, triple, quadruple or more the multiplier values if they are among the symbols that form the winning combination.

This new slot from IsoftBet also features a progressive jackpot. The value of the multiplier increases as the rollers rotate. In order to access this feature, players must place the maximum bet. Only those who land on five progressive jackpot symbols will walk away with their winnings.

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