No Commission Baccarat

no commission baccarat

Presentation of the “No Commission Baccarat

For those who take a dim view of the 5% commission on the banker’s hand, No Commission Baccarat is the perfect game. No Commission Baccarat is a live baccarat , in other words the game is run by a live dealer filmed in the studio. While enjoying authentic and unbiased draws, the player bets from his terminal.

No Commission Baccarat is very similar to baccarat played in land-based casinos. Those who want to find a casino-like atmosphere will appreciate the luxurious carmine-coloured setting and the professionalism of the dealers. The principle of baccarat is respected: the aim is to predict which of the two hands (the player’s hand and the banker’s hand) will come closest to 9.

What makes it different from the dozens of versions currently available is that the player no longer pays the 5% commission. This commission is deducted from the winnings of the winner who bet on the banker’s hand that came out on top.

Characteristics of the “No Commission Baccarat

Unsurprisingly, No Commission Baccarat bears the hallmarks of Evolution. It therefore inherits the high quality of its live casinos in all aspects of good casino games.

  • The classic baccarat rules apply : no need to learn the rules for baccarat aficionados. Those who are just starting out will have no trouble understanding its simple and easy principle.
  • Without the 5 percent commission : this sum is withdrawn upon winnings made on the banker’s hand. This is No Commission Baccarat’s only departure from the original game.
  • Multi support : No Commission Baccarat plays perfectly well on mobile and computer. All you need is a good internet connection for the live performance to be smooth.
  • Simple interface with betting area and game histories : it is easy to access the various features of the game. The player can customize their game by opting for a single or multiple camera and the video quality of their choice.

Play “No Commission Baccarat

Baccarat regulars will have no trouble playing No Commission Baccarat. A game of No Commission Baccarat does not differ from the original version of the game. The objective is always to bet on the hand that has the best chance of getting closer to 9.

Players place their bets on either the banker’s hand, the player’s hand or the tie. This is also the time to place the side bets. The dealer then deals the two legal cards to the Player and Banker. Points are tallied to determine winners and to pay out winnings (and most often withdraw the stake). While commission is usually taken at this time, No Commission Baccarat no longer includes this practice.

Despite the prestigious aura of baccarat, it requires no real skill to play “James Bond’s favourite game”. It’s all about chance, unlike blackjack where some skill is required.

no commission baccarat evolution gaming

Bids and Reports

In addition to the classic baccarat bets (banker’s hand, player’s hand, tie ), Evolution’s No Commission Baccarat is obviously enhanced with side bets, the famous additional bets.

On the usual hands, the ratios are equal, with the 5% commission being there to balance the odds.

  • It is 1:1, which is one time the bet in case of a win.
  • However, it drops to 1:2 when the banker’s hand is a 6.

The ratios are most interesting at the side bets level. No Commission Baccarat is spiced up with five side bets. There is, for example, the Super 6. When the player bets on the Super 6 and the banker’s hand totals a 6, the lucky player is rewarded 15 times his bet. A par , a pair, allows you to win 25 times your stake. A perfect pair is the side bet that pays the most: when two pairs appear on both hands, the lucky player wins 200 times his initial bet.

For the betting structure, it is left to the discretion of online casinos, because the publishers allow them to adjust them as they wish.

Optimal Strategies for No Commission Baccarat

Statistics show us that in Baccarat without rake, betting on the player’s hand is the best option in terms of house advantage. However, some players, familiar with traditional Baccarat, make the mistake of systematically betting on the banker. In this version of the game, the house edge on the banker’s bet rises to 1.46%, while it remains at 1.24% for the player’s hand.

You also need to be careful with the tie bet. Even though No-Rake Baccarat follows the standard rules in this regard, the house edge for this type of bet is huge, reaching 14.36%. Despite the allure of a potential 8:1 payout, the tie bet puts the player at a disadvantage. This is arguably one of the least profitable options in the world of casino games.

The main advice for Baccarat Without Commission is therefore: always favor the bet on the player’s hand.

However, remember that the banker’s hand only wins 5.36% of games with a total of 6. If you plan to limit your no-rake Baccarat wagering, consider incorporating a few banker bets to maximize your potential winnings.

We also suggest the following guidelines to optimize your commission-free Baccarat experience:

  • Do not base your decisions on previous results, they do not influence future games.
  • Maintain a constant bet.
  • Avoid chasing your losses.

By adopting this approach, you maximize your chances of success at commission-free Baccarat, ensuring the most enjoyable gaming experience.

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🙋 Frequently Asked Questions ‘No Commission Baccarat

What is Evolution Gaming’s “No Commission Baccarat”?

no commission baccarat live

“No Commission Baccarat” is a variation of the Baccarat game offered by Evolution Gaming. The main difference with traditional Baccarat is that there is no commission charged on winning bets placed on the Bank.

How does no rake work in this game?

In traditional Baccarat, a 5% commission is usually charged on winnings from Bank bets. In “No Commission Baccarat” this commission is eliminated, but there is one exception: if the Banker wins with a total point of 6, the payout is 0.5:1 instead of 1:1.

❣️ What is the specificity of the No commission Baccarat?

Unlike many baccarat games, this variant does not take a 5% commission on the different bets, which benefits the player!

🎯 Can we play with crypto currencies on this live version?

Yes, some online casinos allow this way of betting (Bitcoin, Ehtereum, Litecoin …)

🔢 How many cards are used for live baccarat?

8 decks of cards, i.e. about 52 cards

Are the other rules the same as traditional Baccarat?

Yes, apart from the changed commission structure, the fundamental rules of Baccarat remain the same.

Are there any specific strategies for playing “No Commission Baccarat”?

Standard Baccarat strategies apply, but players should be aware of the reduced payout when Bank wins with a total of 6.

Are there any bonuses associated with “No Commission Baccarat”?

Bonuses vary between casinos. Some may offer specific bonuses for live games or promotions for “No Commission Baccarat”. It is always recommended to check the promotions of the casino where you are playing.

What is the RTP (Return To Player) of “No Commission Baccarat”?

Although the RTP may vary slightly depending on the casino, it is generally similar to that of traditional Baccarat. However, due to the exception of paying out of a total point of 6 for the Bank, the RTP is slightly modified, it is close to 98.94%

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