Playtech Baccarat Squeeze

All about the Baccarat Squeeze provided by Playtech

Playtech is a game provider that entered the e-gaming world a few years ago. So far, this developer has offered several titles including very original online games like Baccarat Squeeze.

Squeeze baccarat is a concept that is of particular interest to bettors around the world because of its name, which translates as “squeeze baccarat”. In this article, we will discover together the specificities of this unusual title offered by Playtech.

Introducing Playtech’s Baccarat Squeeze, the role of the dealer

Many people wonder about the differences between the standard baccarat tables and the squeeze baccarat table. The biggest difference is in the way the game is played, since the rules of the game are exactly the same as those of classic baccarat.

Each game is filmed from a supplier’s studio. Numerous cameras placed in every corner of the room allow to appreciate everything that happens during the rounds. Like many other live games, Playtech’s Baccarat Squeeze features a real-life dealer who keeps the games lively.

For Baccarat Squeeze, Playtech has chosen to design a setting with a rather intriguing atmosphere. It’s a good fit for this game, as there will be plenty of excitement from the wagering period to the announcement of the results.

The game gets its name from the fact that the dealer squeezes the card as it is revealed, in order to spice up the game. At first, it shows only a small part of the card and only the color is visible. It may even rotate the card to keep the suspense going. Once the card is revealed, the results are announced and the lucky ones will pocket their winnings.

How to play Baccarat Squeeze?

Squeeze Baccarat by Playtech is played with 8 decks of 52 cards. Those who have played classic baccarat before will have no trouble understanding it since there is nothing new. Each card has its own value. Aces count as one, cards numbered 2-9 return to face value and 10, Jack, Queen and King count as zero. In terms of betting options, participants can bet on the player, the banker or even a tie. The first two pay 1:1 and 1:0.95 respectively. The odds are 8-1 in case of a tie.

The wagering period marks the beginning of each game. The dealer then proceeds to deal the cards and gives two cards to the dealer and the player. Afterwards, she will move a small block to determine which hand will be pressed. Keep in mind that a third card will be drawn in case the sum of cards in hand is less than 5.

The advantages of Playtech’s Baccarat Squeeze

Playtech has combined the traditional basics with the latest technology in the design of this baccarat squeeze to create a quality product that will live up to the demands of online gamers. Indeed, developer has added advanced commands to it. The user interface already displays everything that bettors will need. The roadmaps containing the rules of the game are very clearly displayed. Very modern features such as live chat and access to a history of previous rounds also await players. The fact that the game is accessible from any device, computer and mobile device, and compatible with different systems, Android, iOs and Windows, is the icing on the cake.

Our opinion on this Baccarat Squeeze game from Playtech

Baccarat squeeze is a title that has everything to please. The quality of the images and the video stream leave nothing to be said. The presence of the dealers is simply breathtaking. The modern and easy to use features make this online game suitable for everyone. The quality is always there with Playtech.