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All you need to know about Portomaso Roulette

You might like the Portomaso Roulette Roulette launched by Vivo Gaming if you are one of those who like to play in more modern settings. This table is filmed from a real casino located in Malta, Europe, in the famous Portomaso casino. Bright lights and soothing music are the order of the day.

Through this article, you will discover the main features of this new title offered by Vivo Gaming. The Portomaso Roulette Roulette has a lot of features that will surely not leave you indifferent.

The game features

Portomaso Roulette is a title that has been added to the game collection of the famous Vivo Gaming, a specialist in live roulette games. The developer has 8 studios, located all over the world, from which the roulette games are filmed. In this development it is .

For the enjoyment of live roulette fans with real dealers, the Oracle Portomaso Roulette interface is available in several languages: Chinese, English, Spanish and Turkish. Each game is hosted by a multilingual dealer, hence the possibility to change the language by going to the settings.

This Roulette is a game that uses the basics of standard European Roulette. Please note that this is a version that uses an automatic wheel. The dealer will not touch the wheel at any time, but will only press a button to start it.

portomaso roulette

How does this roulette game work?

Each game begins with the betting period. Once the game is underway, the dealer will guide participants to place their bets on the board displayed at the bottom of the screen. Bettors are free to choose between numbers, colors and columns. Be aware that you only have a very short time to place your bet. Just be careful not to exceed the time limit.

Once the time is up, the dealer will press a button and the roulette wheel will immediately start. The ivory ball is released. The winning number is the one written in the box where the ball stops. To make it easy for players to see the results, the winning number lights up on the game table. The dealer will press down with a glass marker. At the end of the game, awards will be given to the winners and another game will begin.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions about Portomaso Roulette Live Casino

🌞 Can I win real money playing Portomaso Roulette Live?

portomaso casino

Yes, it is possible to walk away with real money. Simply create an account and start playing Portomaso Roulette Live in real mode.

ðŸ‘ĐðŸĶē What are the disadvantages of this Roulette Table?

During peak hours, the time between draws can be long, but you have the satisfaction of playing live with the players at Portomaso Malta Casino without having to travel. The games are fully compliant and controlled by European legislation and the LGA of the Maltese government.

Where is the best place to play Portomaso Roulette?

The choice of supplier and dealer is crucial when it comes to starting live games.

ðŸ“ą Can I play Portomaso Roulette Live Casino on my cell phone?

Yes, Vivo Gaming’s Portomaso Roulette Live is suitable for all types of devices. You can play on your computer as well as access it from your mobile device, whether it’s Android or iOs.

☝ What is the best strategy to win in Portomaso Roulette?

This game is completely a game of chance, we invite you to register at reliable casinos offering bonuses

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