Pragmatic Play Mega Roulette

Launching in February 2021, Mega Roulette is already a very popular title thanks to its impressive multipliers and winning odds. This variant of single zero roulette is undeniably a must for any roulette fan. Let’s find out why!

Mega Roulette and Mega multiplier

For its Mega Roulette, Pragmatic Play chose to be a bit theatrical and showed some showmanship. Indeed, we immediately come across a magnificent glassed-in tray where the gigantic roulette wheel awaits us with a croupier who looks like a TV presenter.

A clever play of light completes the theatrical effect of the game after the 20 seconds dedicated to placing bets. Even if it is not its greatest asset, we know that Mega Roulette allows you to place 37 bets at the same time!

In addition to its large size, what gives Mega Roulette its name are the multipliers, which can go from 50 to 500 times! They are randomly assigned to the game threads. Each time, the game picks 1 to 5 randomly selected numbers.

For the lucky ones, Mega Roulette is the promise of exceptional winnings, combined with the pleasure of playing a quality and diversifying game.

A bubbling atmosphere

What makes the charm of the live shows is the atmosphere. Big wins and generous bonuses are also very common in RNG roulette. But what makes Mēga Roulette so exciting is the invigorating atmosphere that serves as a backdrop to the betting frenzies.

Indeed, the staging is brought to its paroxysm thanks to a frame which leaves the usual tables of casters. It looks a lot like a TV set with a roulette wheel in the middle.

The broadcasting is ensured by a battery of cameras that have nothing to envy to the big TV channels. On Mega Play, a good set of cameras ensures dynamic shots. At the cutting edge of technology, streaming is of course available in high definition with only low latency.

With this exciting set-up and its unusual betting patterns, it’s easy to see why Mega Roulette has become so popular and why it’s a must-have roulette for everyone!