Prosperity Tree Baccarat

prosperity tree baccarat

Prosperity Tree Baccarat is an innovative twist on the classic baccarat game, offering a unique gaming experience with exciting multipliers. This creation from Evolution Gaming, released in 2023, maintains the traditional rules of baccarat while integrating eight multiplier cards. The multipliers, key elements of the game, are revealed randomly during the game. You will be able to enjoy this experience both on computer and on your mobile devices.

Presentation of the game, how to play, what strategy?

If you have a passion for baccarat, Evolution Gaming has Prosperity Tree Baccarat for you. This game offers a live casino experience using augmented reality, offering an exciting twist on traditional baccarat rules, complete with frequent win multipliers. The distinctive element of this game lies in the random introduction of prosperity multipliers, symbolized by eight special cards.

In addition, Prosperity Tree Baccarat also offers the ultimate live gaming experience, and takes place in a luxurious studio offering high definition video quality, all hosted by professional dealers. The optimal return to player (RTP) rate reaches 98.89%, making it a solid option for fans of contemporary live baccarat.

  • Type of Baccarat : With x2 and x3 winning multipliers
  • Supplier: Evolution
  • Composition : 8 decks of 52 cards each
  • Special cards : A virtual deck of 52 cards with multipliers
  • Drawing frequency : Every 40 seconds
  • Time allocated for bets : 15 seconds
  • Betting range : From €1 to €10,000
  • Redistribution rate: 98.89% for the player (J) and 98.74% for the bank (B)
  • History : Viewing the last 120 results
  • Accessibility : Table available 24 hours a day.

How to play this Baccarat title?

When you first start the game, you will be immersed in a super realistic studio with a theme featuring shades of gold and green. You have the possibility to engage in instant interaction with the dealer, use the live chat function and activate the first person mode, not to mention that everything is in Full HD. Gameplay-wise, it’s a pretty standard baccarat experience.

Your task is to bet on the prediction of the winning hand, whether that of the player, the banker, or a tie. Once you have placed your bet in the area of ​​your choice, the dealer deals two cards to each side. The one whose hand value is closest to 9 is declared the winner.

As usual, a player win will net you double your initial stake, while winnings for a banker bettor will be equivalent to 95% of your stake. If the cards exceed 9 points, their values ​​are added together, and the first number, whether 1 or 2, is removed to obtain the final value. You also have the option to participate in side bets if you prefer more daring games.

Symbols and features

Evolution Gaming’s Baccarat Prosperity Tree highlights an essential feature: prosperity multipliers. These multipliers descend upon players through an iconic wealth tree in augmented reality during gameplay. Here’s how this feature works:

When you place your bets and initiate a round of play, eight prosperity cards with multipliers of x2 or x3 are randomly generated for that round. These cards are displayed on screen throughout the game, making it easy for you to follow them.

If a hand, whether belonging to a player or a banker, is assigned a card matching one of the prosperity cards, the corresponding multiplier is applied to that hand. If you bet on a hand containing a prosperity multiplier and that hand wins the round, your winnings are significantly increased. This increase can reach a factor of x2, x3, or a combined value of these multipliers if multiple prosperity cards are drawn.

Course of a game of Baccarat “Prosperity Tree”

  1. Betting Stage : Similar to classic baccarat, the player has the option of betting on Player, Banker or Tie. Side bets also allow you to bet on pairs specific to the Player or the Bank. The ambition remains identical to that of classic baccarat: to predict the hand closest to the total of 9 points. The multipliers are powered by a systematic commission of 20% taken from the stake.
  2. Moment of prosperity : After making the bets, the sequence of prosperity begins. It is characterized by the emergence of 8 “Prosperity” cards which descend from the tree and are displayed at the bottom left. Mostly, these cards display a x2 multiplier, although it is possible to find several x3 cards among them. Emanating from a virtual packet, their distribution is randomly orchestrated via an RNG algorithm.
  3. Distribution of cards : As usual, the Player and the Banker receive between 2 and 3 cards, from the shoe held by the dealer. Cards matching those chosen during the prosperity stage are highlighted, and their respective multipliers are applied to the winning hand.
  4. Payouts : Bets made on Player, Banker, Tie or Perfect Pairs generate standard winnings, which are then multiplied by multipliers when the winning hand contains a “Prosperity” card. Multipliers can be cumulative. So, if a hand contains both an x2 and an x3 card, the winnings will be multiplied by 6.
live baccarat “prosperity tree”
Reports Player return rate
Player 1 – 27:198,85%
Banker 1 – 27:198,69%
Player Pair 10 – 90:192,53%
Banker Pair 10 – 90:192,53%
Tie 5 – 3 645:192,78%

10 Key Information About Live Baccarat “Prosperity Tree”

Discover ten essential information regarding Baccarat “Prosperity Tree” offered by Evolution.

  1. “Prosperity Tree” is Baccarat played with eight decks of cards.
  2. To determine the “Prosperity” multiplier cards, a virtual deck of 52 cards is used.
  3. The principles of traditional Baccarat apply: the hand reaching or closest to nine is the winner.
  4. A 5% tax is deducted from Bank wins.
  5. During each game, eight “Prosperity” cards are drawn, displaying values ​​of either 2x or 3x.
  6. If a multiplier card appears in a winning hand, the payout is then multiplied by this value.
  7. Up to three multiplier cards can be present in a hand.
  8. The maximum multiplier for a hand can reach 27x (3x, 3x, 3x).
  9. The Return to Player Rate (RTP) is 98.89%.
  10. In each round, a commission of 20% is directly applied to the player’s bet.
prosperity tree evolution gaming

Return to Player Rate (RTP) – Potential Returns and Winnings

By opting for an optimal strategy during the Baccarat game “Prosperity Tree”, the RTR for bets placed on the Player is 98.89%. For bets on the Bank, the TRJ is evaluated at 98.74%. Tie bets and secondary bets have similar rates: 92.78% for Tie and 92.53% for Pairs side bets.

In terms of standard winnings, the ratios are 1:1 for both Player and Banker, however, a 5% commission is deducted from Bank winnings.

Thanks to the “Prosperity” multipliers, the winnings are increased. The highest payout for a Bank/Player win is set at 27:1, while for a Tie it varies between 5:1 and 3645:1. Pairs side bets fluctuate between 10:1 and 90:1. The maximum winning limit is set at £$€500,000 .

What strategy should you use on “Prosperity Tree Baccarat”?

It is possible to get lost looking at previous results to anticipate what will happen next. Of course, we all know that previous results have no influence on what happens next. However, that doesn’t stop players from analyzing Baccarat roadmaps, hoping that they reveal trends that will lead them to consistent victories. One strategy is to bet on trends and keep repeating a bet until it loses. then change to the opposite playing position until she loses. It’s a strategy, but it’s not guaranteed to win. It can be fun if you get consecutive results in your favor.

baccarat roadmaps

Have you discovered the Labouchère method for online baccarat?

Let us guide you through this approach. For this technique, we follow a sequence of numbers: Your initial bet will be the sum of the first and last numbers in this sequence: 1 and 6, which makes 7. If you win the bet, remove these two numbers and move on to the following: 2+5 = 7. On the other hand, if you lose, take the first number in the sequence, 1, and add it to the previous bet: 7 (1+7=8). Wins are rewarding, and any losses are offset by the addition in subsequent bets.

Martingale remains a relevant strategy for online baccarat

In many games of chance, the martingale is a popular tactic. It offers you the opportunity to compensate for your losses with each victory. The principle is simple: double your bet after each defeat. When you win, simply return to your original bet. If, for example, you start with a bet of 1 and lose, your next bet will be 2. If you lose again, bet 4. If you then win 8, start again at 1. Continue in this way until you accumulate significant gains.

Comparison of Baccarat “Prosperity Tree” with other Live Baccarat Versions

When you play “Prosperity Tree” Baccarat, you benefit from more multipliers, however the winnings are lower.

If you prefer a prolonged gaming experience and want to build your capital little by little, this variant is more recommended than Baccarats “Lightning” and “Golden Wealth”, which are more unpredictable.

A 20% deduction is made on all versions of Baccarat including multipliers.

When it comes to Tie bets, they feature a payout range of up to 3645:1 thanks to multipliers. However, Pairs side bets are less advantageous, offering a maximum payout of 90:1. For comparison, the “Lightning” and “Golden Wealth” versions offer a payout of 576:1.

Lightning Baccarat1 – 512:15:19 – 576:120%
XXXtreme Lightning Baccarat1 – 1000:12.85:18 – 800:150%
Golden Wealth Baccarat1 – 512:15:19 – 576:120%
Peek Baccarat1:18:111:120%
Prosperity Tree Baccarat1 – 27:15 – 3645:110 – 90:120%

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🙌 Frequently Asked Questions “Prosperity Tree Baccarat”

What is Prosperity Tree Baccarat?

“Prosperity Tree” Baccarat is a less volatile version of “Lightning” Baccarat, which means you will get more multipliers in each game round and more chances of winning with them.

Is “Prosperity Tree” Baccarat better than standard Baccarat?

Although both games give the same result, the way to achieve it is different. One has multipliers, for which you pay a fee to play, and the other has the traditional no-fee payout structure. TRJs are similar. With Baccarat “Prosperity Tree” you will have more ups and downs; your payments will be more regular with Baccarat.

Are there Roadmaps in “Prosperity Tree” Baccarat?

Yes, there are five Baccarat Roadmaps in the Baccarat “Prosperity Tree”.

What is the TRP of Baccarat “Prosperity Tree”?

The TRP is 98.89%. Side bets on Player and Banker Pairs have a TRP of 92.53%.

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