Red Door Roulette

red door roulette

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Like a television show, the atmosphere of Red Door Roulette is breathtaking. “Red Door Roulette” combines the popular and award-winning concept of Lightning Roulette with the most exciting bonus game experience of Crazy Time . This fusion of games takes gameplay to new heights with thrilling twists and turns. We are immediately struck by the vibrant and colorful decor which recalls the world of the circus and fairground festivities.

Additionally, instead of sitting, the dealer stands, moving around the studio, microphone in hand, like a television host. The game is captured from multiple angles using multiple cameras. The succession of varied shots and changing perspectives inject additional dynamism into the experience.

Get up to 15 bonus numbers with keys, which can potentially turn into incredible multipliers, and hope to enter the iconic Crazy Time bonus game, where the gigantic virtual wheel awaits you with guaranteed multiplier rewards.

Red Door Roulette Details:

  • Supplier: Evolution
  • Broadcast from studio in Riga, Latvia
  • Shows Games: Presence of a host
  • Available online since October 2023
  • Roulette equipped with multipliers
  • Additional multipliers ranging from x2 to x20
  • Bonus number range: between 3 and 15
  • Payout for a bet on a full number: between 19 and 3999 to 1
  • Frequency of revolutions: every 60 seconds
  • Bets opening time: 20 seconds
  • Betting limits: from €0.20 to €400
  • Redistribution rate for a bet on a full number: 97.09%
  • Redistribution rate for other types of bets: 97.30%

Progress of a game session

The objective of Red Door Roulette is to predict the number the ball will land on by placing one or more bets covering that specific number. The wheel includes the numbers 1 to 36 as well as a single zero. Random numbers qualify for a special bonus

The start of the game: bet on the exit of the roulette

  • When you launch a session on Red Door Roulette live, you have 20 seconds to position your chips, chosen from the following values: 0.20, 0.50, 1, 2, 5, 25, 100 or 500, on the game table. The stakes then vary from €$£ 0.20 to €$£ 10,000.

The release of the number of bonus numbers

  • Next, the dealer walks to a lever. Once activated, a scroll reveals numbers ranging from 3 to 15. When it stops, it reveals the number of numbers that will be chosen at random to put a key on.
  • Special keys: Each key is assigned to a randomly chosen betting position, all accompanied by a colorful animation. Each numbered betting position can receive a maximum of one key. Sometimes, this light animation reveals a multiplier, which can vary from 2x to 20x. This offers the opportunity to join the bonus game and increase the multipliers on the Crazy Time wheel before the next spin.
clef bonus red door roulette

To benefit from this bonus, the ball must land on a number marked with a key and you must have bet on it directly.

red door roulette bonus

Crossing the red door only when a number is associated with a special key and its multiplier bonus!

reddoor roulette
  • The dealer then walks through a red door, revealing a majestic setting dominated by a Ferris wheel.
  • Featuring 64 segments, this wheel features multipliers ranging from x20 to x200, as well as sections labeled “Double”. If the wheel stops on one of them, all multipliers double and a new spin is started. The Slot The reels of the slot machine will stop and reveal a random bonus number ranging from 3 to 15, accompanied by a key symbol. The value of the bonus number represents the number of keys distributed during this round of play.
  • When the wheel stops, the marker designates the winning segment and the corresponding multiplier is added to your winnings. If this mark is positioned on the ‘DOUBLE’ section of the Crazy Time wheel, all the multipliers are multiplied by two and the wheel is restarted for a new spin.

In short, Red Door Roulette offers enormous winning potential via a full bet. However, if the winning number is not marked with a key, winnings are limited to a ratio of 19 to 1.

What strategy to play on Red Door Roulette

For Red Door Roulette Live, just like its predecessors Lightning Roulette and XXXtreme Lightning Roulette, the payment for a Full bet (on a single number) has been modified. Given the large winnings possible via the bonus game, the payout for a full number has been reduced from 35x to 20x.

Thus, an effective strategy would be to bet simultaneously on around ten numbers, hoping to regularly benefit from the Golden Keys or use a method to bet on the columns (playing the 12 full numbers in the column). You thus maximize your chances of making profits when one of your numbers is drawn, while having an attractive probability of seeing your numbers selected as lucky.

Another approach would be to bet on all numbers to guarantee participation in the bonus game each time it is triggered. However, this method requires a solid financial reserve, especially if the bonus game is slow to appear. This tactic is only recommended for players with a large starting sum and the absolute desire to participate in the bonus game.

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What is Red Door Roulette?

red door roulette

Red Door Roulette is an innovative twist on traditional roulette that incorporates multipliers and the popular Crazy Time bonus game. To increase winnings, the player bets on full numbers, hoping to trigger the bonus game on the Ferris wheel with multiplier segments.

Why is Red Door Roulette so popular among players?

Its appeal lies in the integration of the legendary Red Gate and the Crazy Time Ferris wheel. Players now have an increased chance of accessing these features via this multiplier roulette, especially if the winning number is adorned with one of the precious golden keys.

How is the return rate of Red Door Roulette characterized?

This roulette has high volatility. The redistribution rate when betting on a full number is 97.09%. For other types of bets, it aligns with standard European roulette, i.e. 97.30%.

What is the winning potential with Red Door Roulette?

The uniqueness of this roulette variant lies in its multiplier system. Wins from a full number can be increased with a segment of the Ferris wheel, and potentially boosted by a multiplier of up to x20 for the bonus number. Thus, players have an opportunity to multiply their stake by up to an impressive factor of 4000.

What is hidden behind the mysterious red door?

This is the bonus world of Crazy Time, where a gigantic 64-segment wheel brimming with multipliers and opportunities to double them awaits.

What happens if there is a multiplier on the bonus number?

If a multiplier was awarded to the bonus number, all multipliers on the Crazy Time wheel will be multiplied accordingly. Once the wheel stops, the flapper will indicate the winning segments and the multiplier will be applied to the player’s winnings. If the flapper stops on the “DOUBLE” segment, all multiplier values ​​on the wheel will be doubled, and the wheel will be spun once more.

Can we schedule sessions on Red Door Roulette?

Indeed, it is possible to configure 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 sessions in advance for automatic execution.

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