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slingshot auto roulette

💝 Slingshot Auto Roulette: Evolution Gaming casino selection

Designed by Evolution , a live casino specialist, Slingshot Auto Roulette is an adaptation of the famous European roulette. It’s a little curiosity of live casino, because it straddles several usual concepts of online casino games.


As the name suggests, Slingshot Auto Roulette is a version of roulette. More precisely, it is based on the European roulette wheel with only 0, for a set of 37 squares numbered from 0 to 36.

Slingshot Auto Roulette is also a live game. If betting takes place online, the draws are transmitted live, and not carried out by software. The only particularity of the game is that there is not the usual dealer to initiate the draw. The wheel has an automatic system to propel the ball. Everything is done automatically. This is how the game acquired its name.

Like most of Evolution’s live tables, Slingshot Auto Roulette is broadcast from Riga, Latvia.


In spite of its particular concept, this automatic roulette wheel comes from Evolution. Those who appreciate the publisher’s work will not be disappointed.

  • Automatic roulette : the drawing is done mechanically without the intervention of a dealer.
  • Without dealer : the dealer is replaced by an air jet system to throw the ball. There is therefore no lively and friendly side that characterizes tables with live dealers. Slingshot auto Roulette is perfect for those who love the frenzy of results, but not recommended for those who like to enjoy a good gaming atmosphere.
  • Fast pace of play : with a tiny betting window and the automation of the game, the duration of each session is reduced by more than 30%. A table can record up to 80 throws per hour.
  • Sober interface : the tones adopted are also quite dark. A functional betting area adjoins the statistics and history. The absence of the dealer leaves more space on the screen.
  • Synthetic decor : the roulette is inlaid in a synthetic decor. This is not entirely unpleasant, because the camera’s attention is mainly focused on the print.
  • Compatible on both computer and smartphone : the experience is equal, regardless of the medium. In addition to fairly efficient hardware, the only condition for enjoying lag-free streaming is a good internet connection.

Play Slingshot Auto Roulette

Slingshot Auto Roulette is a very easy to learn casino game. Its principle, following the principle of roulette, is to predict the number on which the thrown ball will stop.

Players start by first choosing the betting structure that suits their budget. Then, they place bets on the numbers (or characters like color) that they think are most likely to come up. The betting time for “ Slingshot Auto Roulette ” is quite short. Beware of players who are too indecisive! Finally, the bets are locked before starting the throw.

In the event of a malfunction of the Slingshot Auto Roulette mechanism, bets are automatically cancelled.

The fast pace doesn’t allow for much thought if you want to set up a betting system. But in truth, roulette results are based above all on chance. These systems barely limit losses. However, the ” autoplay ” function is possible and allows you to save your favorite bets to restart them at your leisure.

Paris and reports

Slingshot Auto Roulette follows the rules of the classic European roulette. The principle is very easy to follow. Even new players will have no trouble finding their way around the many possible bets.

Among these bets, there are bets on numbers, which are by far the riskiest bets, but also the most profitable. The player bets on a single number ( Straight up), or on two numbers to increase the chances while reducing the winnings ( Split ). The more the player bets on several numbers, the less substantial the payout.

Colour bets (red/black) are among the least risky and least profitable. In case of a win, the winnings are one time the bet.

The minimum and maximum bet varies depending on the host online casino. Only the ratios are fixed. But fortunately, Slingshot Auto Roulette has a reputation for accepting very low bets.

On European roulette, the highest possible payout is 35 times the stake. It is won on a straight up bet (bet on a single number). The redistribution rate is on average 97.3%.

All in all, with its accelerated pace, Evolution’s Slingshot Auto Roulette is an excellent roulette for fans who love the adrenaline rush of the games. As it is a matter of chance, it is not recommended for those who hope to make a fortune. For this, Evolution also has versions of blackjack and poker where the player’s control of the game is more proven.

Evolution Gaming Accreditations:

Division of Gaming Enforcement New Jersey (USA), United Kingdom Gambling Commission, Alderney Gambling Control Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (Italy), Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego (Spain), Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board (USA), Belgium Gaming Commission, Romania National Gambling Office Gaming Policy and Enforcement Branch (Canada), Lotteries and Gambling Supervisory Inspection of Latvia (Latvia)

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions “Slingshot Auto Roulette

What is Slingshot Auto Roulette?

Slingshot Auto Roulette is a variation of live roulette offered by Evolution Gaming. It is automated and does not require a live dealer, but it does use a real roulette wheel and ball.

How does it work?

Slingshot Auto Roulette uses a pneumatic launch mechanism to propel the ball and robotic arms to spin the cylinder. Everything is automated, which allows for rapid turnover and more frequent turns.

🍀 What are the minimum and maximum bets on the Slingshot Auto Roulette table?

The return rate for the player is 97.3%, the minimum bet is 0.1 €$£ – the maximum bet on full number is 2000 €$£

👍 What is the specificity of Slingshot Auto Roulette?

The only special feature of the game is that there is no usual dealer to start the draw. The wheel is equipped with an automatic system to propel the ball

How fast does the game play?

Thanks to its automated operation, Slingshot Auto Roulette is one of the fastest roulette variants, with spins occurring approximately every 25 to 60 seconds.

What are the benefits of playing Slingshot Auto Roulette?

The fast pace of the game allows players to place more bets in less time. Additionally, automation ensures complete impartiality and eliminates human errors.

Can I interact with the dealer or other players?

Since there is no live dealer in Slingshot Auto Roulette, there is no interaction with them. However, some casinos may offer live chat to allow players to interact with each other.

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