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slot gold of ra

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Gold Of Ra Slot Review

GameArt always tries to find new concepts to develop over the years. This time, with the slot machine Gold of Ra, he will introduce ancient Egypt to bettors. Those who love games produced by GameArt surely know of the existence of Cleopatra Jewels, another slot machine with a typical Egyptian setting. GameArt has managed to create a game environment that is pleasant to see. A beautiful caricatural representation of certain pharaonic functions awaits those who are willing to test the Gold of Ra slot machine.

It is essential to know the rules of Gold of Ra to be able to take advantage of it. The use of certain tricks can also be of great help. You will thus put all the chances on your side.

Gold ra takes you on an adventure in Egypt

With Gold of Ra, you should expect to experience a little time travel since the game will take you back a few centuries ago. Pyramids, hieroglyphics and gold, typical of ancient Egypt, dominate the screen. In addition to the sound of spinning reels, some sound effects have been added to the game.

Those interested in ancient civilizations will surely love the Gold of Ra slot machine. GameArt made sure to make every playthrough an entertaining and rewarding experience.

Gameplay Review

The main objective of the game is to line up the symbols in such a way as to obtain winning combinations. Gold of Ra includes five reels. Three symbols will appear on each of the reels. Players have 25 fixed paylines to bet on.

Arrows have been placed at the bottom of the screen to allow participants to adjust their bets. In order for the reels to start spinning, you have to press the green button where it says “Spin”.

With Gold of Ra, the amount of winnings depends on the amount placed on the lines. You have to be bold to hope to return with a full pocket. If you are lucky enough and manage to bring out winning combinations, your reward will automatically add to your gold pool.

Participants also have the option of playing a mini-game, provided they win the main bet. The mini-game consists of guessing the color of a virtual card. The lucky ones will be able to walk away with double what they have acquired before. It should be remembered that you only have to make a mistake once for you to leave with nothing in your pockets.

GameArt also offers Autoplay mode. This feature allows the reels to spin automatically for a set period of time. Winnings will be added, as they go, to the player’s balance, always automatically.

Symbols in Gold of Ra

Standard symbols

By launching the Gold of Ra slot machine, you will generally see two groups of symbols which each have their value. The first group includes icons that you have surely seen in a deck of cards, namely the ace, king, queen and jack. These are the least valuable icons, but they appear frequently on the reels.

With higher payouts, the Eye of Horus, the Eagle God, the Pharaoh’s Mask and the Beatle form the second group of symbols. You can get rich in just a few spins if you are lucky enough to see them register on the reels.

The additional and special reel symbols

Other symbols have been added to the reels to spice up the game. The jeweled treasure chest is considered a wild card in Gold of Ra. You will be sure to be rewarded if this icon appears on the reel, regardless of its position. The jackpot will return to you in the event that three or more treasure chests appear in the last few spins.

A treasure chest appearing on the reels means you have the Chamber of Ra bonus. The latter will allow you to win ten free spins during which the less valuable symbols could become more valuable.


By launching Gold of Ra, GameArt succeeded in designing a game that takes place in a pleasant universe to see, with easy to understand rules. The various features, including the treasure chest, have been chosen to please bettors.

The Chamber of Ra bonus makes the game even more exciting. Winning free spins is a chance to win even more rewards.

🙋 Frequently Asked Questions Slot Gold Of Ra

❤️ What jackpot can we expect with the slot machine?

A small jackpot of 1850 coins >> Discover

🎯 What is the RTP of Gold Of Ra slot machine?

The player payout rate of the Slot Gold Of Ra is close to 96%, payouts are frequent

🍉 How do you get free spins on Slot Gold Of Ra?

Free spins are frequently obtained in series of 10 spins

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