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Review of Spribe, online game provider

Spribe is a publisher of exciting games and aims to satisfy the demands in the world of iGaming. This professional is recognized for these new generation “intelligent” games for the online casino industry and this is what makes him one of the best pioneers with his very interesting offer on the market.

Their titles are known as smart games, as they are more refined compared to typical casino games. They are available on all devices and come with good gameplay and a super easy to learn interface. And now it has 13 turbo games.

Focus on Spribe

More precisely, Spribe is a company located in Kiev and its main activity is the creation of gambling software. The company came into existence in August 2018 and in early 2019, he released the famous track Aviator. After that, Spribe went on to develop many more games and was present at ICE London 2020.

Spribe’s goal is to be up to date with the latest technologies and to use them impartially. Not to mention that this publisher has a professional and qualified team that is well versed in iGaming development and casino management. Indeed, the brand is able to provide ideal solutions for the latest market trends. Spribe’s next goal is to acquire licenses in the UK and Malta.

Focus on the ultimate gaming experience

It should be considered that this provider really takes its customers very seriously and does what is necessary to offer them good games. Apart from the admirable gameplay, it also offers engagement tools in order to promote an exceptional gaming experience.

Spribe features races, tournaments, promotions, bets and free bets. In fact, to see if you like the gameplay, you can try out all the games provided by Spribe that offer the free bet option.

At the moment, in its menu, there are 13 turbo games. These titles represent a mix of innovative features and traditional games. Each title is original and guarantees impressive gameplay.

Aviator, the most famous game provided by Spribe

Of all Spribe’s games, Aviator is the most popular title. The gameplay is simple, but prodigious. Aviator presents a social multiplayer game based on a curve multiplier. It incorporates proven fair trade technology to ensure completely safe and accurate results.

Your initial bet is multiplied until the moment a lovely plane takes off. However, you can cash in at any time, but you may be a second late and your bet will be lost. In addition to offering a light and fun gaming experience, this title is also exciting and promises big wins.

Other Spribe titles to consider


Spribe Miner is a game with a simple 5 x 5 layout and 15 fields. Four of these fields contain mines, and the rest hide stars. The player randomly opens any field of his choice and can open as many fields as he wishes to win at any time. However, the developer gives the player the freedom to decide his fate entirely.

Each opened star multiplies the gain, but if a mine is unlocked, you lose everything. There are no special rules or strategies, you cash in gradually and increase your risk at the same time. Everything is indeed random here. If you prefer to increase the adrenaline, you can adjust the number of mines, as the game supports up to 15 mines. The more you risk, the higher your winnings.

Mini Roulette

Roulette is very well known to all fans of table games. Mini Roulette is a mini version of classic roulette. This charming title from Spribe is composed of a mini roulette which has numbers from 1 to 12 and without a zero field. All standard roulette bets are present in the game. You have the option to bet on black, red, even, odd, high and low numbers.

The payouts in Spribe’s Mini Roulette vary depending on the bets made. The game accepts bets from $0.01 to $50.

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