SicBo Strategy

What strategy to play SICBO?

Sic Bo , originating from China, is an exciting game based on the roll of three dice. Just like other casino games, it comes with an inevitable house edge. However, by adopting certain strategies, you can optimize your chances of victory. Here are some tips for playing Sic Bo, especially in a live version:

  1. Familiarize yourself with the payouts : Before diving in, study the paytable and odds carefully. This will guide you towards the most beneficial bets.
  2. Opt for safe bets first : If you’re just starting out, bet on simple options, like “Large” or “Small”. These bets offer a 1:1 ratio and have approximately a 50% probability of success (excluding triple combinations).
  3. Avoid triple bets : Although attractive with their high payouts, these bets are very volatile. Their house advantage is often significant.
  4. Monitor your capital : In any casino game, healthy management of your capital is essential. Set a maximum amount for each session and stick to it.
  5. Diversify your bets : Once you become familiar with the game, don’t hesitate to vary your bets, thus enriching your experience and potentially your winnings.
  6. Keep a cool head : A fundamental principle in casino is to never try to “chase” your losses. If you’re having a bad time, give yourself a break.
  7. Play lightly : Sic Bo is above all a game of luck. Even with a thoughtful strategy, nothing is guaranteed. Play for the fun of the game.
  8. Stay on the lookout for offers : Many virtual casinos offer bonuses and promotions for their live sections. This is an opportunity to seize to boost your capital or benefit from additional games.

Remember, despite all tactics, the casino advantage remains. Adopt a fun attitude when playing Sic Bo, and view it as a distraction rather than a means of income.

What SicBo games online?


BacBo is a creative fusion of the famous Baccarat and the traditional Chinese Sic Bo. In this version, players can experience the excitement of both games simultaneously. The rules of Baccarat apply to the distribution of cards, while the rolling of the dice adds an extra dimension to the possible bets. This unique combination offers players a new and exciting experience, making each game unpredictable and thrilling.

Super SicBo

Super SicBo, another brilliant variation offered by Evolution Gaming, elevates the traditional Sic Bo game. While retaining the essence of the original game, Super SicBo introduces random multipliers that can increase winnings up to 1000 times the stake. After all bets are placed, multipliers are randomly assigned to different bet combinations. If the winning combination benefits from a multiplier, the winnings are considerably amplified, offering a chance to win phenomenal sums of money.

Mega SicBo

Mega SicBo is an amped-up version of the classic game, introducing elements of surprise and even bigger wins. Just like Super SicBo, multipliers are in play, but with increased scope and variability, making the game even more unpredictable and captivating. Each roll of the dice is an opportunity for players to land major victories, and the different possible combinations ensure that each game is unique.

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