Super Multitimes iSoftBet

iSoftBet Super Multitimes Slot Machine Details

IsoftBet is a provider that has made a name for itself by creating online games that include both traditional and modern features. Super Multitimes is a slot machine that the developer launched not long ago. IsoftBet has put a lot of effort into the design of the game’s setting to take players on a thrilling and immersive experience. Its name already says a lot about the characteristics of the game. The quality of the images is breathtaking.

IsoftBet’s Super Multitimes has five reels. Upon launching the game, players will see fifteen paylines to bet on. This new slot from IsoftBet now has an RTP of 95%. This is a game with a fairly high volatility. Only the most daring will have the chance to walk away with big prizes that the developer reserves for participants. To not miss anything then, follow this review.

What is the game interface like?

Super Multitimes is a game whose rules and flow are generally easy to assimilate. The details of the menu are displayed very clearly on the screen. The layout of the elements has been done in such a way as not to overload the screen. The participants can consult at any time the information related to each game such as the table of winnings, the number of rounds, the multiplier… IsoftBet gives players the freedom to change the language to be used in the user interface. Participants can also set the image quality, playback speed and sound effects to suit their needs.

A game of Super Multitimes begins with the wagering period. Players will then be free to choose from the options offered in the game such as doing everything manually or switching to an autopilot mode. Just select the right setting for you to play quietly.

What’s going on in this slot machine?

It is important to know every detail of the game to avoid making a mistake. As far as betting is concerned, players can place anywhere from five to one hundred euros per spin, since at least five euros per reel is required.

You need at least 3 symbols lined up on a payline to win. Super Multitimes is a slot machine that uses multiple symbols, including regular symbols, and special symbols. Numerous features such as multipliers, progressive jackpot and bonus game also await players. Winnings accumulated during a game will be collected at the end.

Special symbols in Super Multitimes

IsoftBet’s Super Multitimes Progressive HD uses classic symbols such as BARs, sevens, cherries and the golden dollar. Players must know how to differentiate between them. Simply consult the gain table in this case. The symbols will appear randomly on the reels. Mixed combinations can also be displayed.

As far as advanced features are concerned, there are Wild Mutlipliers and Jackpot Progressive. Slot machine enthusiasts will immediately understand the purpose of these options. Multipliers of up to 8 times, free spins and a progressive jackpot are available. Wild symbols, which can substitute for other symbols, make the game even more interesting. It is quite possible to fill your pockets in no time.

Bonuses available in Super Multitimes

To spice up the game, IsoftBet has also added bonus features. However, there are conditions. As far as the Wild multipliers are concerned, the Wild symbols must substitute four different symbols on the same line to get extra wins. The winnings vary according to the multipliers, x2, x4 and ×8 yield 10, 20 and 40 coins respectively. Another bonus feature that can pay off big is Jackpot Free Spins. Those who land on three or more Jackpot symbols will win eight bonus rounds. Each of these symbols earns a point in the free spins. The total score shows which jackpot goes to the customer.

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