Sweet Bonanza Candyland

Discover Sweet Bonanza Candyland from Pragmatic Play

Launched by Pragmatic Play, Sweet Bonanza Candyland is a game that combines the popular casino game Money Wheels with the Sweet Bonanza slot machine. To the delight of slot fans, the game has new and even more fun features. The professionalism of those who run the live game makes Sweet Bonanza Candyland even more interesting.

A large wheel with 54 colored segments is used in the game. Symbols and numbers, ranging from 1 to 10, appear on the wheel. Note that the Sugar Bomb, Candy Drop and Sweet Spins symbols each have their own special features. Special features can provide additional winnings by multiplying the initial bet depending on the type of bet placed.

With Sweet Bonanza Candyland, the main objective is to predict the winning number. Once the wheel stops spinning, the players who predicted the correct number emerge victorious. Additional winnings depend on the type of bet chosen.

How to play this game ?

The interface of Sweet Bonanza Candyland displays the six betting positions that correspond to the segments of the Ferris wheel: 1, 2, 5, 10, Sweet Spins and Candy Drop. Players just have to make their choice and then place their bet within the time limit. Sweet Spins and Candy Drop are bonus games only.

Everyone can benefit from the multiplier. You just have to be lucky enough. The multiplier coefficient will be doubled if the wheel stops in the Sugar Bomb segment. This applies to players who have activated the Sugar Bomb Booster. It should be noted that you have to pay 25% of the total bet placed to activate this feature.

It is important to follow the instructions that appear on the screen before you begin. You must then select the tokens and place them in the fields of your choice. The “Total Bet” window will display the amount you have placed. Then players can place their bet until the dealer tells them to stop. No bets will be validated after the announcement “BETS CLOSED”. The dealer will then spin the wheel.

Once the wheel stops, you will find the results on the game interface. Those who bet in the winning segment will receive their winnings at the end of the game. The amount to be won varies according to the winning symbol and the related multiplier. The winnings will be displayed in the center of the screen so players can see them at a glance.

What about payments?

Sweet Bonanza Candyland offers a maximum payout of 19,999:1 or 20,000 ×. Regular and bonus games will continue even when the maximum payout is reached.

Payout for winning bets depends on the odds of the winning segment. Players’ winnings can then vary from the minimum value, which changes depending on the number displayed on the Ferris wheel segment, to the maximum value, which depends on the bonus game and the activation of the Sugar Bomb Booster. Starting bets will be added to winnings.

What happens when Sugar Bomb lands on the wheel

Many people are wondering what will happen if the pointer stops in the Sugar Bomb area. A multiplier from among those listed in the game will be chosen at random. The possibilities are: 2 x, 3 x, 4 x, 5 x, 6 x, 7 x, 8 x, 9 x, 10 x.

The dealer will spin the wheel again, taking into account the Sugar Bomb multiplier. No additional bets are allowed at this time. All bets keep their location. The randomly selected multiplier applies to all bets placed.

The next turn of the Ferris wheel is decisive. Those lucky enough to win will benefit from the Sugar Bomb multiplier. If by chance the pointer lands in a Sugar Bomb area again, the bets will still hold their location and the already multiplied payout will be multiplied again. The dealer will spin the wheel until a valid result is obtained. However, the pointer must stop in a numbered area, a Sweet Spins area or a Candy Drop area.